Counters LoL

Counter DariusCounter YasuoCounter GarenCounter JaxCounter ZedCounter NasusCounter TeemoCounter RenektonCounter JinxCounter IreliaCounter FioraCounter AkaliCounter YoneCounter AhriCounter CaitlynCounter JhinCounter DravenCounter UrgotCounter GarenCounter TryndamereCounter FizzCounter AsheCounter TristanaCounter VladimirCounter EzrealCounter KaisaCounter LucianCounter RyzeCounter YorickCounter VeigarCounter LuxCounter EkkoCounter VayneCounter TalonCounter KatarinaCounter SyndraCounter GnarCounter KaynCounter MordekaiserCounter DianaCounter KayleCounter KassadinCounter SettCounter AatroxCounter LeBlancCounter ShenCounter Lee SinCounter GwenCounter KledCounter Xayah

Features of LoL Counters

  • Champions Counter (All Champions and Positions possible)
  • Versus General of Champions (For All Champions)
  • Goal Counter Pick (Counters sun against the best champions of the current phase)
  • Hard to Counterattack Champions
  • Update every time a patch is released
  • Counter the champions
  • Useful data
  • Explanations of how to make specific counters

LoL Counterattack, or as some may know it as the counterattack champion, is a simple strategy that separates a winning player from a loser.

Using the right champions against your opponent will give you and your team a huge advantage in the game.

It’s not just the choice of champion, but the construction of items plays an important role in the victory against your enemies.

Counter Top Lane LoL

If you’re tired of the top strip being the same old, boring area you’re in, don’t worry, both strips change equally and wait patiently for a group of jungle people to change tides.

You should then consider choosing the opposite edition of Top Lol, which increases your chances of beating your opponent and becoming a god of the game.

Counter Jungle LoL

Fearlessly invade the enemy camps of the jungle, knowing that if you find the enemy jungle, you will destroy them in 1v1.

This gives you immense world pressure around the map, and makes enemies fear your presence in the jungle and your potential gang.

Counter Mid LoL

Crushing your enemy in the centre ring with a strong championship counter can allow you to wander the map, hit targets, place guards in the enemy jungle, and much more. If you choose a strong counter, you’ll be able to climb very high in the middle.

Counter ADC LoL

Choosing the right counter champion for the CDA in a 2v2 match is very important, as it will allow you to climb in the last game. You will be able to find exactly who you need to choose, and get the advantage of leading your team in one of the most important roles.

Support plays a very important role in the League of Legends. The support players also have the greatest opportunity to counter any champion in the game, both on their track and in team fights and goal fights.

Don’t forget that there are a large number of counter items you can use to achieve this.

Counter LoL

Put the whole collection in a box. This edition includes all the Counterpick series packages with all items such as Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, Adc and Support, so you never have to fight the selection of your enemy again.

Detalhes úteis

The most effective way for tail players to win Solo Que and Flex games is by choosing a counter, both at the overall and track stages.

This allows them to carry the whole game by hand, by the advantage it gives them. We’ll explain the importance and advantages of all this and more below.

Counter de Faixas de Rodagem

With Ultimate Edition you will always have the best match against any league champion of the legends.

When you know what your opponent selected in the pre-game, select the champion. You will have the opportunity to use these counters to win the game in each game you line up.

Counter Pick

Counter Pick is a universal concept, very effective in MOBA’s as a League of Legends. All players can use the traditional Counter Pick, build items, and even learn quick tips along the way.

But the reality is that if you don’t win your track, you probably won’t win the game. With Ultimate Bundle, you can prepare to face any champion and feel confident in doing so, you can even use the general tab section to help you with the team fight tabs.

The key to victory is your opponent’s counter-choice. The enemy spearman will almost always suffer for being hired. This may allow you to gain more CS (Creep-Score) simply because the opposite path cannot be exchanged without a potential loss of much health.

This can result in a loss of lane for them, which is beneficial for you.

But that’s not all, you also have a lot of pressure on the map, as you can push and move freely to gain another lane. All this can increase your chances of winning a track while helping your allies win.

Make the strong champion of the enemy choose a rather weak and useless champion instead, using our counter LoL.

For example, you can count on champions like Zed, Aurelion Sol Counter, Taric Counter, Taliyah Counter and Fiora Counter.

This is especially useful when someone is trying to pick a spike in yours.

Champions counter

There are different types of Champions counters, and some are more effective than others on the Ground Row and Dynamic Tail.

The safe and strong feature of the Champions Counter that is included, is usually that Champions are not so easy to counter, something that makes them ideal if you’re not sure who you’re up against on the track.

We’ve included this feature so you can get the best blocking champions when you need to block, and you have no idea who you’re up against on the track.
You’ll also get the best strong peaks, so you can dominate your opponent on the track, no matter which champion you choose.

Safe picks

Some champions can be fought hard, while others have very little counter-attack.

We dedicated a section in our LoL Counter for champions that are very good as they are very difficult to counterattack. These champions have little or no counter available, which makes them the best choice for the blind game.

Blind Pick is the process of choosing a champion before the enemy has chosen his champion, this leaves the door open to be counter-attacked.

However, there are champions inside the Goal LoL who have very little counter-argument. These champions are known as Safe Picks.

Then there are champions who make strong counter-attacks, these champions naturally have certain skills and spells built into their kit, making them very effective in the right range.

Choosing one of these champions is an easy way to make a snowball in the game.