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Counter Aatrox

Counter Aatrox

Today you’ll learn how to play it or counter in one of the most sustain tops in the League of Legends; for those who don’t know what “sustain” is, it refers to a character’s ability to resist. Be it for your ulti, CC or Waveclear.

Aatrox is a champion who can stay in his line as long as necessary; without the need to return to the base thanks to his “W”, which allows him to clean the waves quickly and at the same time harm his enemies, so, taking this into account, do not try to attack him from the place where the minions are, to avoid that, at the same time cleaning the wave I will hurt you.

Champions counter Aatrox

Weak Against

Counter Poppy Counter Pyke
Counter Kindred Counter Zoe
Counter Twisted Fate Counter Jax
Strong Against

Counter Talon Counter Yorick
Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Shyvana
Counter Hecarim Counter Syndra

Tips to do the Aatrox counter-a

With these champions you will have an advantage when facing Aatrox; of course you must take into account your skills with the clubs, because some summoners who dominate this character already know some techniques of how to play still with disadvantages; but this seems little, especially in the low leagues like gold down.


He possesses one of the most powerful skills against “E” body to body characters called “counterattack” and, as his name says, so He prevents any damage a character can do to return and stun him.


Another character highly irritating to Aatrox “and most players” is the hated badger Teemo, which has 2 skills that make useless this powerful champion of the Top line, the first is his “Q” known as “blindness dart”, which causes damage to the enemy character, but not only that, also blind, preventing him from beating his goal and can heal himself, as is due, due to the poison.

It also has its passive skill “E” called “toxic shot”, which causes damage for a time reduced to all enemies hit by this badger, something that will force any Aatrox to play on the defensive and, in many cases, preventing these farmeen.


This champion is an innate duelist with the ability to humiliate many characters from Top and Aatrox is not the exception, however, it is good to emphasize that it is necessary to know how to use the champion, since it is not as simple as Teemo or Jax. Because reflexes are necessary and use the mechanics of Fiora correctly.

The combination of his passive “duelist dance” and “attack” can generate a lot of damage that not even the Aatrox prolongation can support, but it is important to emphasize that you need to play your “W” the “replica” well to win all the exchanges you want.


Another Top you can do one versus the Aatrox and easily win is Pantheon, which basically has an anti Aatrox kit. Its passive “shield of protection”, which avoids the physical attacks of any character; along with its “W” the “Protection of Zeonia” which stuns the enemy will allow you to win any trade with what you have against that character.

It is important to point out that at the beginning of the match; it takes a lot of mana to be able to humiliate the enemy Aatrox, so it is advisable to start with the “corruption potion” that will not only help you regenerate your mana; it will also burn your enemies.

Items that counter Aatrox

Aatrox is a champion who depends a lot on his attacks; to inflict the damage in order to survive, so if you want an advantage over the champion, you could have it with the following items:

Presagio de Randuin

Raduim’s harbinger; it is an object that should be given the life necessary for your confrontations, but it will also help you slow down the Aatrox attack, which will give you more advantage than necessary.

Heart of ice

The heart of ice also decreases; this will prevent an Aatrox from attacking at its maximum speed, but you should know when to choose this object or the randuin; since life or mana can be decisive in the match.

The Call of the Executioner

If you feel that the rival aatrox heals too much and your character is the physical damage, the call of executioner is your best choice, as it can cause “serious injuries” which will significantly diminish the healing of the character.


The call of executioner is the option for your AD character; but if you are an AP character, it will be a better option, the Morellonomicón. This will offer you attributes for characters with magical damage and causing the same effect as “serious injuries”.

The Best Atrox Spells

Either of these two options are good when it comes to choosing; the ignite will cause damage and prevent the Aatrox from building your life; but the extenuating can also be a good option; if you think it can be more useful against the composition of the enemy team.

I recommend the following guides:

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