Counter Ahri

Counter Ahri

Champions counter Ahri

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Tips to face Ahri

Here you will get all the necessary information; to play against an Ahri, one of the most used champions in the Mid Line in League of Legends; this agile AP damage killer can cause a lot of damage when starting a teamfight, which makes more than one wonder how to do it against an Ahri?

When it comes to Ahri; you should understand that it has powerful combos that can cause a lot of damage, so your first line of defense should always be the minions, which will make it difficult for this wizard to connect any of her combinations to you. Keep in mind that your “E” called “hechizar” throws a kiss that will make your character and this way connect your other powers.

Another point to keep in mind is your “spiritual urge” to “R”; which allows you to launch 3 times in the direction you want, allowing you to position yourself in the place you want. However, this “R” is a double-edged weapon; since by consuming your ulti, the champion is very vulnerable to attacks, and it is your best moment to go with everything and finish her off. I recommend using the following champions to gain a considerable advantage; against the 9-tailed fox.

Counters against Ahri

With these champions you will have an advantage when facing Ahri; of course you should take into account your skills with these champions and those of your opponent; since many players develop different tactics or game styles when playing against a counter.


This champion can be one of the biggest annoyances for an Ahri; LeBlanc, with its great mobility is a hard target to hit, moreover, you can easily attack between your minions, which allows you to win in most of the attack exchanges.

Note that with this champion you keep a striped Ahri; which means you must keep your warped line to avoid surprises or an unexpected gankeo, which can complicate the line or lose your advantage.


Unlike the Book, which can start fights at the first levels; Swain does not have this advantage against Ahri, but after overcoming the first levels of his champion, he turns into an AP tank difficult to kill; so much so that an Ahri will need help from his team and probably an Ignite to be able to kill him.


This option is advisable for people who know how to play with Yasuo; for an Ahri it is difficult to connect her combo with the “wind wall” protecting her at all times, besides the “E” called “sharp blade” offers this champion great mobility. So much to follow Ahri to infinity and beyond, to escape her. Using the enemy minions is clear.


This champion could be considered the simplest on the list; because he does not require as much skill as is needed for a Book, or Yasuo, his first defence is his powerful passive “alteration of the void”; which allows him to avoid the first power thrown by his opponent, which would greatly complicate, the way in which Ahri connects his combos in particular the “hechizar”.

But Malzahar not only relies on his passive to win any confrontation against Ahri, he also has an “R” called the “infernal clamp” which directly counts the fox’s “R”, preventing her from escaping for 2.5 Sec. If you use your powers well, you can eliminate your opponent with a good combo before she escapes.

Items that counter Ahri

Ahri is a very complete champion; who can easily do battle with his “Q”, link passionate enemy combos with his “E” and with a great ability to move during a match or team fight with his “R”. So always position yourself behind your minions to avoid your combos; moreover, you should be aware when to use your “R” or not; to know when it’s time to attack you and eliminate you once and for all, we recommend using some of the following items to further improve your advantage.

Mercurio boots

To arm the mercury boots will offer magical resistance; so that the powers do not do so much damage, but not only that, he also remembers his passive “, which reduces by 30% the duration of the stun, the slowness, the provocations ” which will diminish the effect of the “E” of Ahri.


If your character is AD damage take into account this objective, which grants a shield that absorbs magical damage, which allows you to resist a little more your confrontations against this MID wizard.

Veil of the death fairy

League of Legends objectsThis would be the object that could be most irritating to an Ahri; the veil of the death fairy grants a spell shield that blocks the first enemy ability; which makes it very difficult for the ahri to hechizarte easily.

Adaptive Yelmo

like the veil of the death fairy; “it grants a spell shield that blocks the first enemy ability,” but with the difference that it offers resistance to magic and life, a better option for champions who do not need AP.

Best spells against an Ahri

You have two options when facing an Ahri; kill her before she escapes with a good “ignite can help you with this” combo; or endure your combination of attacks until you can’t escape with your ulti “the barrier can give you that breath” to end your life.

I recommend the following guides:

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