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Counter Ahri

Counter Ahri

Champions counter Ahri

Weak Against

Counter Swain Counter Kassadin
Counter Illaoi Counter Malzahar
Counter Talon Counter Veigar
Strong Against

Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Orianna
Counter Ivern Counter Gragas
Counter Kai'Sa Counter Nunu

Tips to face Ahri

A quite difficult line, Ahri’s matchup is complicated because with her passive she has sustain, the Q does real damage so she can clean the waves quite fast, and her E Q W combo is devastating.

Not only that, but with her R it’s very difficult to be ganked since she can jump up to 3 times, and if she wants to throw herself at you she will only have to throw herself forward and do a very simple combo, she will hit you with her E (heart) and you will have to be careful so she doesn’t kill you quickly.

To win the matchup you will have to play around the minions so that he doesn’t have an easy E, as long as you respect the Q since it goes through the minions and is easy to poke the opponent.

Despite having a great advantage with her R, she will be very exposed if you can dodge her E, as it is her main ability to knock you out of combat.

Champions that counter Ahri

You can fight with great ease if you fight with these champions against Ahri, obviously you will have to take into account more factors and not just trust that with a champion that can counter Ahri you have the line won.


This champion is a double-edged sword, since you have a great mobility and an incredible burst damage to be able to do a 100 – 0. The problem is that to combo her you have to get close, exposing you to her E, and therefore it is somewhat dangerous.

Her skill kit makes her a very good counter because with her E for her R and her damage is enough to kill Ahri.


In the first levels it will be a little complex to get a winning line, but as you go up levels and you can face him with your R, all his attacks will be nothing because he can’t kill you thanks to your life steal, and your damage will be higher than his, you just have to wait until you can win the trades.


Despite being a complicated pick, Yasuo can offer us a great solution against Ahri, since his skill kit makes him very versatile to play against her. We can start with the E, his move will make Ahri’s Q difficult to hit, while the E Q and W we can stop it all with Yasuo’s wall, if you know how to play it minimally it will be a somewhat easy line.


If you do not know how to play Yasuo… use the easy version, in this case Malzahar, you can play passive, you have a silence, and if he approaches you with W E R you will have it still and applying a brutal damage, in addition to being able to receive very easy ganks thanks to his ultimate.

Her passive will make it impossible for her to hit you with her charm, so you will get an easier line.

Itens that counter Ahri

Mercury Boots

The mercury boots will make her E not last so long, so Ahri’s combo can be easier to dodge, and it also provides magic resistance which is never a bad thing.


If you are playing an AD damage champion in the middle, you will definitely have to do it so that his damage doesn’t affect you so much, and with the shield it gives you, you will avoid a one shot.

Veil of Death Fairy

If you are AP, getting the veil is a must, since you will avoid his first abilities, you will have to be careful not to get hit with his W or his R so he doesn’t take your shield, but from far away it’s impossible to get a good engage with this item.

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