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Counter Akali

Counter Akali

In this guide we will show you how to counter Akali easily. To begin with we recommend you to understand how the champion works and understand all his skill kit to be able to counter him with face and eyes and not only for the pick we will win the line.

Champions counter Akali

Weak Against

Counter Garen Counter Malzahar
Counter Renekton Counter Lee Sin
Counter Darius Counter Mordekaiser
Strong Against

Counter Aatrox Counter Syndra
Counter Gwen Counter Azir
Counter Volibear Counter Viktor

General tips for doing counter to an Akali

Her Q launches U-shaped blades at her that if she hits an enemy will activate her passive, her next auto attack will be boosted and she will recover part of her energy. Her W is a smoke that will launch and will become bigger and bigger in which Akali is invisible (you won’t see her if you use a pink so save that money), in which she will have movement speed to be able to approach you or try to escape in complicated situations.

Akali’s E is used to escape or engage, as she throws a shuriken that if it hits any enemy she can activate it again to get right next to them with her passive charged. At the moment of throwing the shuriken, Akali has a small dash in the opposite direction of where she throws it, so she can dodge abilities with it.

Her ultimate will need an enemy champion to activate it, and it will pass in a straight line over the champion doing a lot of damage, and a few seconds later she can activate the same ultimate again but in this case to where she wants without having to attack an enemy.

If you want to win the line against Akali, try these champions, it will be much easier:


Swain is a powerful counter to Akali since all of her abilities take up quite a bit of the lane you’re in. Akali will try to trade you from her W to cover her back, but both your W and your E take up almost her entire W making it easy for you to trade her too. With your R you can also heal yourself enough so that he doesn’t finish you off.


If we are playing in the top lane against her and we have Renekton, we must try to dominate the line in the first levels, especially when we have level 3, since previously we can even lose the trades by the range that has the Q of Akali.

A safe combo will be to do E + Q (boosted) + E, and if we see ourselves with the possibility of doing all the damage as it does not easily throw his W, we will do E + W (boosted) + Q + E, to stay completely safe from her damage and when we have CDs again kill her, since she has very little life and we have a lot of damage.


Between the poke you can do with your Q and the stuns you have… you make Akali practically useless. All the stuns you do to Akali while she is in her shadow will become visible and you will be able to attack her knowing where she is.


Garen can silence Akali by preventing her from launching her combo. Besides her passive and the fact that she is a tank will make it quite difficult for her to kill you in an easy way, your W will be quite heavy for her since you will mitigate most of her damage, and if you use your E on her W (shadows) you will see that it takes up almost the same amount, so if it doesn’t come out you will be doing a lot of damage.


Malzahar’s potential is both his passive and silence, and it’s worth mentioning his ultimate, an R that leaves the champion you want immobile. You can also clean up waves quite easily, so if you put pressure on Akali she probably won’t be able to jump you because of the minions she has against you.

Recommended spells against Akali

We recommend exhaust and ignite to avoid healing or if your damage is high.

Recommended items to play against Akali

Undoubtedly we will recommend you to get guardian angel or Zhonyas to avoid all the damage that Akali has and thus make him counter, because he will not be able to OS you twice if he has already used his ultimate (unless he goes very feed then he can).

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