Counter Akali

Counter Akali

this guide will explain what you must do to win Akali or rather, make it counter. The first thing that is important is that you know well the functioning and weaknesses of Akali, so that you can take advantage of it and take advantage with ease.

Champions counter Akali

Weak Against

Counter Garen Counter Malzahar
Counter Renekton Counter Lee Sin
Counter Darius Counter Mordekaiser
Strong Against

Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Ashe
Counter Nidalee Counter Sivir
Counter Zyra Counter Kow Maw

General tips for doing counter to an Akali

These following champions can be very easy when it comes to winning an Akali. I recommend if you want to finish with this champion and save your game.


This champion is one of the best to take down Akali. Swain’s skills help to count the skill of Akali (W), which are his Q and W. Swain can have magical article of endurance helping that Akali can’t beat him.


Champion Annie is also good against Akali, as his pokeo of (Q) and good passive make life difficult for Akali, too, Annie with the R and W can damage Akali but is hidden with his invisibility. Annie, in general, has a lot of advantage, as she can make it easy, which Akali at first has a lot of difficulty.


Garen can silence Akali by preventing her from using her skills with the (Q) Decisive Blow. Garen has good skills to stop Akali with her ability, like your (E) Judgment, which you can use her by being in her invisibility.


Malzahar can silence Akali with his Q, release the vacuum forces combined with e and ultearla together with ignite, only with this would you beat Akali very easily and without even the latter being able to react to defend itself or escape, not to mention that, in the first levels, Akali makes it very difficult for him to farmear and Malzahar can clean the waves quickly, obliging him to farmear in his tower, thus making him lose a very considerable amount of minions.

Spells recommended against Akali

I recommend Barrier, Flash and Physics against Akali.

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