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Counter Akshan

Counter Akshan

Akshan is a very aggressive champion, very similar to Lucian’s style, since he is an ADC, but in this case he has abilities that turn him into a killer. These skills are taken from other champions, so thanks to that, we will better understand his gameplay, let’s see which are the counter champions of Akshan.

Champions counter Akshan

Weak Against

Counter Zed Counter Fizz
Counter Syndra Counter Pantheon
Counter Cassiopeia Counter Yasuo
Strong Against

Counter Akali Counter Ryze
Counter Sylas Counter Yone
Counter Katarina Counter Kassadin

Tips to counter Akshan

He has a very good level 2, so we will have to keep our distance if we want to stay alive, we will start explaining his skills to better understand what we face and how to counter Akshan.

His passive, every three skills or auto attacks will deal additional damage, very similar to Vayne‘s W, but he will also put on a shield. Not only that, it also provides a double auto, similar to Sett or Lucian‘s passive.

We continue with the Q, it is the boomerang of Sivir, but with much less damage, it will serve to start the combo and have one more mark on you to not be difficult to hit you with the combo.

His W online is practically useless, since his active is to become invisible as Twitch, and unless he wants to initiate you, it won’t do anything else. Besides that, if for example you kill one of his teammates and Akshan kills you, he will revive him instantly, so it’s important to focus Akshan so this doesn’t happen.

His E is similar to Camille, as he will throw it to a wall to slide like the pirate he is, obtaining a great mobility but only to where he has moved, without this, he will have nothing to move, and will be completely exposed to all the damage you apply to him, his CD is quite high unless he kills someone or takes assistance as it will reset.

Finally his ultimate, fusion of Lucian’s R with Caitlyn, luckily at low levels does not do much damage, so if we do not stay at very little life we probably will not give a kill for it. Knowing how the champion works, let’s discuss the champions that counter Akshan and how to play them to have a comfortable line.


Zed is one of the best assassins of the midlane, he exerts a lot of pressure thanks to his shadow and his shurikens as well as his ultimate that will make him untargetable for a few moments. You will have to be careful with the first levels, as he will have a lot of pressure and you don’t want to stay at low health or even get killed.

If you want to ensure a trade, you should wait for him to throw his E, so that he doesn’t have any mobility. Even so, if he doesn’t throw it and you can throw your W + E + Q combo he probably won’t be able to dodge it quickly since your combo comes out very fast. But you will be exposed to if he wants to initiate you, so you will have to back off or try to go all in against Akshan.


As with Zed we must try to play passive until at least level 3, we do not have to let us trade so if we lose a few minions at the beginning of the game we will not mind because later we can have dominance over the line and be able to kill him in 1vs1.

We can deliver quick combos of Q + auto + W and then go out with the E, or if we have little life we can hit him with the E to try to kill him. You have to think that with his E, we can make a very easy trade back, so do not spend directly the E when you finish the combo because it can turn the fight.


This pick is very good if we want to play more passive than the previous ones, as we can farm almost without problems and the chances of hitting our stun are very high. Although he has mobility with his E, our Q + E comes out very fast, so if he tries to engage us with his E we can stop him quickly and hit him with a combo that will do a lot of damage.

It should be noted that as the game goes on we can kill him with a combo thanks to our ultimate, which will unleash great damage against Akshan.


If you want to have dominance from the first levels, Pantheon is your champion, you can kill him practically at level 2 if you do it correctly and thanks to your click stun he won’t be able to escape. Great damage with your boosted Q (and unboosted) and you can dodge all his damage with your E. Definitely a great pick for Akshan.


Thanks to Cassiopeia’s base damage and the first levels having them so powerful thanks to her Q + E, you will be able to withstand it perfectly. Not only that, when Akshan has the E and wants to throw it, with your W you will immobilize him and he won’t be able to escape from your lethal damage.

In addition, your ultimate will probably hit him most of the time if you use it in a defensive way, since he will throw himself towards you and you have a good chance of hitting him.


We know that the first levels are of Akshan’s dominance, so we will have to play passive and thanks to our passive shield he won’t take much damage from us. Once we start gaining levels and items, we will be able to kill him almost every time we hit a tornado. And not only that, with our wind wall we can stop all his abilities including his ultimate, so it will be very good both for us and for the team.

Finally, if you are in a line other than Akshan’s and you want to counter him, the most important thing is to select a champion with CC to be able to stop his feet, and remember that he is an assassin, so if you are a tank you will have no problem trying 1vs1.

Items to counter Akshan

Now that we have seen Akshan’s counter champions, let’s move on to the items to counter her.

Snake Fang

Having the shield of the passive and mentioning several AD champions, it is important to get this shield because you can also make a build with the shield bow and we can remove a large part of the life with this item.


If we choose any AP champion against him, we must make a Zhonyas to be able to withstand his lethal damage in a few seconds, he is a champion with a lot of damage so we can use the armor against Akshan.

Thorned mesh / Executioner’s Call / Morellonomicon

In any line or role that we have, we will have to make a heal cutter for the build that is made, we will have to be attentive to leave him without the option to heal and can make a comfortable fight.

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