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Counter Alistar

Counter Alistar

Alistar is one of the champions in the botlane that can practically kill your ADC alone, so if you’re not careful and you’re careless you’re going to have serious problems.

If you are the ADC, you will have to take into account his W + Q combo that will do damage and you will be with CC for a period of time, when this combo ends he will throw his E to stun you again, so having him in range so he can’t get close to you will be one of the best tips we can give you.

Try not to focus him even if he melee attacks you, because with his R he is practically immortal, he mitigates a lot of damage and unless you are vayne with his true damage, he will be a hard opponent to grind in which you will have problems to kill him.

Champions counter Alistar

Weak Against

Counter Zyra Counter Soraka
Counter Vayne Counter Cho'Gath
Counter Morgana Counter Janna
Strong Against

Counter Renekton Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Katarina Counter Fiddlesticks
Counter Leona Counter Thresh

Tips to face Alistar

When facing in bot line against an Alistar; it can be a shot or another support, so I will show you two options for both roles. These will help you to make it counter register easily.


One of the champions that can give you problems thanks to his jump (W) with which you can position yourself where it suits you, and also if you see that you throw his W, with yours if you throw it correctly will not reach you and you will make the jump.

Another good factor against Alistar is that Tristana’s passive makes her gain range, so there will come a time when it will be impossible for her to reach you, with that range, the jump and her ultimate, you will have no problems.


By far the best counter, as she launches with her W Alistar, throw your E and end of the trade, she can not do anything unless she flashes to throw you the combo of Q + E, it is a line that can not play and also with your true damage can not do anything and the trades you make will remain for your benefit.


What can we say about Janna, she brings shields, lifts with the tornado to cut the whole combo, the R heals and displaces… Undoubtedly a skill kit made to defend your ADC above all else and in this case he will not be able to do practically nothing, in fact with your W you can slow him enough to not even reach your ADC.


Morgana, the counter cc, without a doubt with her black shield (E) and her Q to stop Alistar’s feet, you won’t have any problem with this support, also if she launches forward when you have level 6 you can catch both champions with your R to counter her attack.

Items that counter Alistar

We know that he builds tanks, so making an anti-tank itemization will be one of the best options you have against this cow.

Blade of the Ruined King

How is it common if we know they are tanks, life steal + attack speed and also take % of their life? Undoubtedly this item is key to kill Alistar.

Memories of Lord Dominik

A last word? That’s right, you won’t need to say anything at all, you will penetrate his armor with ease with this item.

Storm of Liandry and Crystal Scepter of Rilay

One serves to do continuous percentage damage (liandry) and the other will allow you to slow him down with all your skills, since you will slow him down and he won’t be able to do his combo.

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