Counter Alistar

Counter Alistar

Alistar is one of the most annoying and difficult bot line champions; in fact, this support can carry to your adc will no longer go if you play well, so today we will show you some tips on how to do the counter-a Alistar.

the first thing you should keep in mind is that this powerful support can take a lot of damage; furthermore, your skills can become a very easy target for the enemy team, so the best you can do in case you’re the adc; is to wear it out at a distance every time you get the chance, but if it’s time for the fight you should ignore it and focus on softer goals like the enemy adc.

In case you are the supporter you have two options; to take care of your shooter, enough that the Alistar can’t do anything, or to disturb the enemy adc more than what bothers yours. If you have no idea how to do this, I recommend the following champions; they have a clear advantage over this support.

Champions counter Alistar

Weak Against

Counter Zyra Counter Soraka
Counter Vayne Counter Cho'Gath
Counter Morgana Counter Janna
Strong Against

Counter Renekton Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Katarina Counter Fiddlesticks
Counter Leona Counter Thresh

Tips to face Alistar

When you face the bot line against an Alistar; it can be a shot or another support, so I’ll show you two options for both roles. Which will help you counter register easily.


Tristana can keep Ready for your great attack distance; which increases each time you go up, thanks to your passive “sharp shot”, which allows you to do a lot of damage, without it being able to touch you. In addition, your “W” called “missile jump” allows you to escape, enter or position yourself in any way that suits you best. Either to avoid support or to focus on the enemy adc.


This tiradora does not have the same distance of tristana; but can also cause a lot of damage to Alistar with three simple attacks, since the “W” known as “silver bullets” causes real damage. No matter which tank is the enemy; Vayne may force you to retreat, or kill you if you don’t keep your distance. In addition, he relies on his “Q” called “maneuver”, which will give him better positioning; added to this is his “E” known as “doom” which launches a bullet pushing an enemy, with this and some good reflexes will prevent any Getting Ready from bothering you.


Not all games where you face a Get ready you can play them as adc; when you play support you will have to find the way to counter Register and with Janna you can do, with a good “Q” you can raise both enemy support and adc. But the most important is your “E”, which offers a shield for your shot that will give you the damage and resistance needed for the confrontation. Finally your “R” can use for these fights that do not go well; pushing the enemies and healing your ADC.


With Morgana it should be easy to win the bot line; since her powers are more irritating to an Alistar, with her “Q” combined with “W” she can bother the enemy ADC a lot and wear her out, but she also has her “E” which can make her shooter immune to any power. Making it ignore completely when Ready and concentrate on destroying the softest targets.

Items that counter Alistar

Alistar is a very tank champion; which means you will resist a lot of damage by protecting your adc and the other team members, well you always try to focus on the weakest members of the enemy team. A very good advice would be that when you notice that Alistar launches its definitive “R”; the best would be to back off and wait for it to finish its effect, you can also arm yourself with the following items. These offer an advantage against such powerful support.

Sword of the Ruined King

Excellent option for any marksman who has an Alistar as his enemy; since it offers a good “sustain” and, moreover, causes additional damage to all other enemies who attack.

Recuerdos de Senhor Dominik

If the enemy is a tank and from a starting point; starts to make a lot of armor, it is almost mandatory Lord Dominik; who will give you the red and that increase of damage that you need so much to eliminate any enemy.

The Torment of Liandry and the Crystal Scepter of Rylai

This is not recommended for a support; since it is preferable to arm yourself, depending on how to go in the game, but if you are a center line wizard and want to cause damage to champions too many tanks like Registrar; this combination of items help you.

The best spells against a Alistar

How to Alistar will not be your main goal; you do not need to have a specific invoking spell for it, so choose the ones you normally use in the bot line. Either for adc or support.

I recommend the following guide:

If Register you seem upset by your stamina; you may want to see another champion’s guide with much more vigor and equally annoying, but the top line known as Aatrox.

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