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Counter Amumu

Counter Amumu

Amumu is a jungler that despite not being very played, is very powerful, because with his bends (Q) reach farther than it seems, and stun all the time that runs through them, plus his ultimate makes him an innate creator of team fights so he can put in trouble any enemy composition.

Champions counter Amumu

Weak Against

Counter Diana Counter Nocturne
Counter Volibear Counter Sejuani
Counter Kled Counter Ornn
Strong Against

Counter Evelynn Counter Fiddlesticks
Counter Rumble Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Graves Counter Kayn

General tips for doing the counter-a Amumu

If you want to have a great advantage against Amumu, try not to cross with him at high levels or when he has items, because in early this champion suffers a lot and usually the 1vs1 can not do it, so a good idea to counter him is simply not to let him play in the first levels.

If you know you are going to play against Amumu, here are a few champions with which you can cause him problems:

Lee Sin

Lee Sin, the monk, gives us a very good early damage that will not be able to counter, we can also make coutner ganks to do nothing to our teammates, we must not forget that Lee Sin is a champion of early and if a quick game is not over …. It will end up being Amumu more useful than you.


Nocturne is a very versatile champion, being able to face and make him against junglers from the beginning. Our W will be able to stop the Q of Amumu, and our base damage along with the life steal we have, we can kill him very easily in 1vs1 so we can try to steal enemy camps or look for the 1vs1 or even 2vs2 if we have a priority line to take advantage in both lines.


With Shyvana you have the complete champion, you win the trades in early and late game, with your W you will gain movement speed so it will be difficult to hit his bandages, and also with your ultimate you can make a jump both offensively and defensively to have no problems against Amumu.


Ability to make him good counterjungle, with his boxes and his clone you can avoid his bindings, and in early you can kill him if you do it correctly, remember that you are Shaco and you are paper, no matter how much damage you have if he hits you with the Q you can have a really bad time.


With Diana we will have a very good damage in all phases of the game so try to win the objectives in early levels can give us a very important advantage so that later we can make a snowball as big as to have the team fights that can get to have Amumu with his ultimate.

We won’t try to kill Amumu in the team fights because we probably won’t be able to make him OS, but we will try to kill the enemy carrys, thanks to this you will be able to win the games almost alone thanks to the damage that Diana has.

These champions will make the jungle line easier, but obviously you have to be very careful when teaming up with the team as it is where it will give more problems, her ultimate makes her completely good for those occasions and is a very good engage champion.

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