Counter Amumu

Counter Amumu

Amumu is a very popular jungle, especially in lower alloys such as silver or bronze; since it helps in great measure its companions when it comes to starting an equipment fight; with its “Q” known as a “sales pitch” it launches itself towards its enemies and if they are grouped using its definitive “sad mummy’s curse”. Which will innovate all champions within the area of power; giving co-workers a chance to eliminate the opposing team.

Champions counter Amumu

Weak Against

Counter Xin Zhao Counter Shyvana
Counter Volibear Counter Sejuani
Counter Kled Counter Ornn
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Leona
Counter Akali Counter Thresh
Counter Blitzcrank Counter Zoe

General tips for doing the counter-a Amumu

Many people see Amumu as an indestructible jungle tank; but the truth is that if you want to make it counter for an Amumu you should only make the following clear; the moments of glory of an Amumu are when the team fight begins, since you need your companions, to be able to cause damage. If you want to do counter you should look in the initial phase, 1 vs 1 fights; where you will have the advantage, in most cases.

If an Amumu in the champions team and you want to do direct counter; just choose a champion who does a lot of damage in a short time, a good example of this would be the following champions, which will be presented below.

Lee Sin

With Leesin you can take it out of your position, with the ulti de leesin and thus prevent Amumu from making his special moves from entering the middle and using his ulti. Furthermore, Leesin can easily steal the mounstruos from the forest in a simple way for his speed and mobility.


Shyvana with her “W” can not only gain movement speed but also constantly damage Amumu while glued to him and does damage to him with his other abilities, taking into account that Shyvana thanks to her passive has more damage and resistance than Amumu.


With Shaco has many advantages, among them are that you can use the Shaco clone to avoid that Amumu if the adherence with your “Q”, and this, with ease, can make life impossible in the jungle because of its speed in the farmeo and its ability to strategy in the jungle.


Evelynn by having a passive that allows you to remain invisible, you can, in most cases, invade or even threaten the enemy jungle to the point of going afk. Some wards, a good positioning and being aware of the mini-map is what you need to explore the mummy as often as necessary.

With these champions you win in most cases, a confrontation against Amumu; it’s clear, that if he gets ahead, for some reason, this advantage will be lost, little by little, always remember to research the fights 1 vs 1, otherwise an equipment fight will be formed; warn your teammates to keep separated from each other so that the final Amumu does not cause so many problems.

Items that counter Amumu

if you are wondering how to arm yourself against an Amumu; I will tell you that the best way is to arm the standard build that has the champion you have chosen, it is not necessary to mount a specific object against this jungle. Remember that your mission is focused on researching “1 vs 1” fights in the first levels; with this you gain enough advantage, from taking some time you should ignore the mummy; because it will become a big tank and the best you can do is to look for softer goals.

The best spells against onu Amumu

Choose the typical combination of summoner spells that you use on your line or in the jungle; since you don’t have to choose anything special against an Amumu.

I recommend the following guides

If this guide has helped you or solved your doubts to face an Amumu; you probably want to learn how to count with other champions such as Kayn or Yasuo, I also invite you to leave in the comments your techniques of how to count the enemy jungle, either invading or flaming like the Professionals!

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