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Counter Anivia

Counter Anivia

You will have to take into account several factors before choosing a champion to counter Anivia, how the champion works, what range he has, his damage, etc. When you more or less know what he does, we’ll explain you how to counter Anivia and his damn egg.

Champions counter Anivia

Weak Against

Counter Talon Counter Yasuo
Counter Diana Counter Ornn
Counter Syndra Counter Fizz
Strong Against

Counter Viktor Counter Kayle
Counter Lissandra Counter Swain
Counter Karthus Counter Kai'Sa

Tips to do the counter-a Anivia

The first thing to understand is that Anivia is a cone, and based on that your jungler can have very easy ganks. To make effective trades you must dodge his Q or wait for him to throw it offensively, once he doesn’t have it you can do the 1vs1 easily with the following champions or with anyone you have, since his main trade is only to do Q + E that with the lightning will probably be enough to make you half of the life.


With fizz you will have a very favorable matchup, since with his E you can dodge Anivia’s Q and be able to do an engage that leaves her low in health so that she can’t expose herself more. Also at level 6 with her ultimate you’ll have practically a safe kill or at least take out her egg so that you can be ganked easily.

The ideal combo to kill Anivia with Fizz, would be to enter with Q + auto + W + E (if we have the ultimate launch it as the first skill), whenever Anivia launches her Q, we must try to attack us with her because she will have no way to stop us.


Diana is a champion that can suffer with her Q’s but if you dodge them you won’t have a problem, she has a good burst damage and with her passive she has prolonged damage so you won’t have problems in long trades.

Also with your ultimate when you knock him up, you will be able to cut Anivia’s ulti leaving her practically useless.


Thanks to his W and the continuous movement with his E make a really complicated line for Anivia, plus you end up killing her with a combo since Yasuo is an easy target for Yasuo. It will be important to go wearing with our tornadoes and farmeando correctly apart from being aggressive, because if we gankean much we can be very damaged.


Kassadin will be able to fight Anivia thanks to his Q that blocks magic damage and also if Anivia is with his R, and Kassadin throws his Q he will cut it. Not only that, the jumps give him mobility, so that neither his W cuts the pass nor his Q can stun him.

In the first levels we will have to play quite passive because without our R we will not be able to kill her and she will probably have us very well zoned so we can’t farm comfortably. Once we have level 6 we should try to kill her, especially if she launches her Q, as it is the only way she has to apply CC to escape, since we will be able to jump over her wall without problems.


You can keep the distance very well with her, she has burst damage and CC to be able to counter Anivia. She has a great skill set for this matchup. We will have to be careful with Anivia’s Q, because we will not have mobility to escape from her, so if we do not see that we can escape, it will be important to make the quick combo of Q + E to stun her and we can not do any kind of combo that lowers us much life.

Items to counter Anivia

As we have already commented on how to play against her, we are going to comment on the items that you have to get if you play against Anivia.


If we are hit (or will be hit) by her Q, it will be important to activate this item to avoid being inside her ultimate eating damage while we are with CC applied.

Banshee’s Veil

To avoid the first ability he throws at us, it will be a perfect option because we can start after seeing his Q and we will be completely free of both the damage and CC of his Q.

Mercury Sash

If we need to get rid of Anivia’s CC, it will be important to prioritize this item to be able to reposition ourselves again in the fight and end up winning it.

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