Counter Anivia

Counter Anivia

For beginners who start out in the League of Legends world; it will look like an unfair champion, as its passive “rebirth” allows you to literally relive any lethal damage you receive. Always and when not destroyed in your egg form; furthermore, your skills can turn you into a rude adversary on the Mid Line, if you are one of those people who believe this champion is broken, you can rest assured that here you will find everything you need for your counter an Anivia.

Champions counter Anivia

Weak Against

Counter Talon Counter Yasuo
Counter Diana Counter Ornn
Counter Syndra Counter Fizz
Strong Against

Counter Viktor Counter Kayle
Counter Lissandra Counter Swain
Counter Karthus Counter Kai'Sa

Tips to do the counter-a Anivia

The best thing you can do against an Anivia is to ask your forest for help; ambushes are the most effective tactics to finish this champion, if you want to fight in one versus you should do it taking into account your passive and if possible in one line; because this ice tramp has a “W” called “crystallization”, which will create an ice wall that allows you to escape or position yourself in the best way, always keep this in mind.

She can be annoying, but not invincible; with these champions you can easily demonstrate, however, each one represents a different style of play; so choose the one that best suits your mode of play.


This fish has a clear advantage over the Mid Line against Her; with Fizz you can easily get in and out of fights and even look for one-on-one fights, which will allow you to play aggressive with your “Q” and “E”. With some exchanges you will be able to take out your passive or kill her easily, depending on the occasion; an excellent option for those people who have a repressed trauma against this Mid champion.


With Diana you can fidear a lot, if you play together with a jungle; you’ll only need a few ganks to get the advantage you need, since for her it’s almost impossible to escape this champion; when you play on top to use the combo you could consider yourself dead, unless you count on your passive and your flash.


due to his wall and his passive Yasuo can avoid many of his abilities. Moreover, she is a champion with little mobility, so it is very easy to reach her and eliminate her with Yasuo.


This could be the safest option of all; since a Kassadin should not die at the hands of an Anivia, thanks to which he has a set of skills that make him a real nuisance in the Mid line. If you are in lower leagues of gold this champion could secure several victories; with little suffering way keep this in mind for your next matches.


The mechanical lady, known as Orianna can easily win the line to an Anivia; to the point of not letting her even farmear, the weak point that this champion has is that by pressing her opponent usually receives more gankeos from the enemy jungle. So if you have the ability to play this champion it is very important to place sentries on your line to avoid annoyance in your position and you can easily eliminate this pajarraca.

Items that counter Anivia

when you start a League of Legends match; you shouldn’t just be thinking about the champion with what you’re up against, if you have to take into account, but it’s not the most important thing. Always try to assemble the first essential object for your character; according to the situation, you can arm yourself to play more on the offensive or defensive, if you are on the defensive against an Anivia you can use the following objects.


If you want to do a lot of damage, this object will help you reach it; with the Morellonomicon you’ll have mana regeneration and good damage, which allows you to be ready for a fight against this pajarraca; either to take your passive or kill it permanently.

Veil of the death fairy (Veil of the banshee)

This is also an excellent option; the veil of the death fairy grants a spell shield that blocks the first enemy ability, an object that can offer you excellent protection against Anivia’s powers.

The Best Spells Against Anivia

The advisable thing is to choose the summoner spells with which you feel most comfortable with your champion; if you feel confident to fight and win Anivia’s line you see with your own foot, but if you feel insecure you see with barrier. It’s all up to you, so don’t worry so much about it.

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