Counter Annie

Counter Annie

As a counter-annie En sometimes on the Mid line, we can find a powerful champion; with fire powers and a teddy bear known as “Tibbers”, which together with its passive give a big advantage at the time of the clashes. Annie is known to easily eliminate any enemy with her combination of powers, without leaving them an opportunity to escape, of course, that this power, like any other crack has its weak point; so if you don’t know how to do it against an Annie just follow these tips.

Champions counter Annie

Weak Against

Counter Ziggs Counter Syndra
Counter Vel'Koz Counter Ornn
Counter Kayn Counter Lux
Strong Against

Counter Nidalee Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Lulu Counter Kayle
Counter Twisted Fate Counter Yasuo

Tips to face Annie

First of all, be careful with your stun gun, especially at level 6; as this little girl usually throws herself with her “summoner’s spell” flash, to use all her powers consecutively and in an instant literally erase the lives of her enemies; so it would be advisable to keep your distance, as Annie’s weakness is her short distance. If you use one of the following champions you’ll have a big advantage at the line stage; since they are direct counters and can attack from a long distance, without allowing this girl action to get close to you. When you face an Annie you have to keep your distance; but you will also have to do damage, little by little, to weaken her and force her back; with these champions you can do it easily.


A good option to face Annie is with Brand; basically it will be a fire to fire confrontation, where you will have the advantage, since the short interval that has the girl does not compare to the great distance that has the human torch; besides Brand is a champion with an excellent combo that can also erase any Annie in the blink of an eye.


Oriana can cause a lot of problems for an annie when it comes to starting the match and even the whole line phase; if you have the ability to play with the oriana ball, it will be more than just annihilating that girl and her annoying bear. But beware of the ganks you can make; remember to put one on another sentry to avoid them.


An easy option when it comes to breaking up with Annie is a Morgana; the “Q” and “W” combo will make it simple to wear her out, as Annie has little reach it will be necessary for him to approach you which will allow him to use his “R” next to his “E”; to avoid the stun he may cause. No doubt one of the simplest options to win the Mid line.


If you like geometry and you play with a compass on the monitor you can use the Velkoz; another champion who makes Annie suffer, so much so that it could prevent you from farmee; thanks to the skill kit that has the champion. If you start the match giving all the powers; it’s almost certain that the little girl should return to her base, which will give her a good advantage at the beginning of the game. Finally, I remind you to always be aware of Annie’s passive; you should always keep this in mind, when an Annie correctly used her stun can make an instakill easily. Take advantage of her short range so as not to let her do all the harm and harm; you can also arm yourself with any of the following items, which will give you the most advantage in the game.

Items that counter Annie

As I said throughout this guide; Annie is a powerful medium to take care of, always and when you stay away from your stun you’ll be fine; with the following items to improve your chance of winning.

Mercury boots

With the mercury boots, you have a bit of magical resistance; but the most important thing is that you will reduce the duration of the stun by 30%, which can make the difference between living or dying at Annie’s hands.

Veil of the banshee, or also known as the Veil of the Death Fairy

Another object that would protect you from Annie’s stun; it would be the veil of the death fairy, which grants a spell shield that blocks the first enemy ability. So you should take it into account during her departure.

The best spells against an Annie

It’s always a good idea to choose the spells you feel most comfortable with; an ignite to finish killing Annie or a barrier to resist your combination of spells are valid, if you think you have good alternative reflexes you can use purification; this could save you from certain death. As a curious fact, and if you are playing like a jungle; the smite can be used against Tibbers, then bear this in mind if you want to avoid this damage and the bear’s annoyance.

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