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Counter Annie

Counter Annie

How to counter Annie can sometimes be a complicated task, she has stun, mobility with her E, a burst damage that scares… So we are going to give you some tips on how to play against Annie and be able to win the line.

Champions counter Annie

Weak Against

Counter Ziggs Counter Syndra
Counter Vel'Koz Counter Ornn
Counter Kayn Counter Lux
Strong Against

Counter Nidalee Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Lulu Counter Kayle
Counter Twisted Fate Counter Yasuo

Tips to face Annie

To start we have to know how Annie works, knowing that she has burst damage and a stun that will be seen under her mana with several bars (when she has the fourth one that is lilac is that she will have the stun charged) and the next skill she throws will stun.

Knowing this, we must be careful because he can charge it quickly with his E + Q combo and there are two bars + Tibbers (R). So we must keep a safe distance or try to make an efficient trade when she spends her stun.

Now we leave you with the champions that counter Annie:


Brand is very good at respecting the distance, since his W can keep the distance well, clean the waves and poke her doing great damage, also with his E can do splash damage and with the R can bounce even in the own tibbers.


Syndra with her burst damage and the cc she has once you hit her with your E you can do the combo and go backwards, you also have the W that allows you to make a small slow good enough so that it does not reach you.


One of the safest picks in the midlane is morgana, her black shield makes stuns not affect her, and she also has a jail that allows you to escape from adversity. With her W you can easily clear the waves and also with her passive you will have a good sustein.


As we mentioned before, a great advantage will be to keep distances, so Velkoz knows what that is, and also has slow with his Q and a stun with his E. We must be careful because if you get close enough once we have thrown our Q Annie can make us a one shot, we just have to go pokeando and we will end up kicking her out of line or killing her.

Items that counter Annie

As we have mentioned in this guide against Annie, you will have to be careful with her high damage and stun, so these are the items we recommend:

Mercury Boots

With the boots of mercury we will reduce her magic damage and also the time we are stunned in tun 30%.

Veil of death fairy (banshee)

This item will stop the first ability that Annie throws at us, so it will benefit us in being able to make quick trades in which she can neither damage nor stun us.

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