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Counter Aphelios

Counter Aphelios

Aphelios is one of the most strategic champions of the game, because you have a unique skill interface and have different weapons and skills, which gives you a high of possibilities of things you can do in a match, however, Aphelios is not excento of champions who can do counter and in this content, we will explain which and how to do counter.

Champions counter Aphelios

Weak Against

Counter Syndra Counter Yasuo
Counter Senna Counter Ashe
Counter Leona Counter Braum
Strong Against

Counter Xayah Counter Kai'Sa
Counter Vayne Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Sivir Counter Jinx

General strategies to counter Aphelios

As we have said we have to be careful with the abilities of Aphelios, he has some more powerful than others so we have to take into account when we can face him or better wait for that to change.

  • If he has the rifle (his first rotation) it is green, and has a higher range than normal, in addition to launching a straight arrow that will touch the first minion or champion and the passive of his second weapon will be activated.
  • Revolver scythe, this weapon will shoot very fast and in area making it heal for each auto attack that launches both the ability and normal auto attacks.
  • The cannon, when he has this “dark matter” we will have to be careful because if he uses his Q after an auto attack you will have problems, as it will rotate you and you will not be able to run.
  • Flamethrower, or shotgun rather, as it will shoot in area, has a great damage with this weapon and can poke you as each auto attack goes through behind the minions in a cone shape and the q shot is quite damaging, which is slower to shoot, so if you apply CC you can get fruitful trades.
  • The chakram, the ability with which hits faster if you have it loaded, you can also leave turrets Heimendinger style, which will cost us to get close to him and his support.

Finally his ultimate varies depending on each weapon he has, making team fights dangerous with the shotgun and in line phase if he has the lilac weapon (cannon) because he can rootear you and you will be susceptible to ganks if he hits you.


A very passive champion, he can poke with his Q and keep the range of all his abilities, plus the R can easily dodge it with his E. This is a champion to play if you do not want to try to kill Aphelios 1vs1 and do not have an aggressive support, since if you have it is better to play other types of ADCs against Aphelios.


An aggressive champion against a character with no escape route…. It’s very effective! Despite the damage that Aphelios can have, a combo with CC + ADC damage will be enough to kill him, as long as he doesn’t heal enough with his scythe so carrying ignite will be a very good option.


An early vs a late champion that needs more items to do the damage of DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN, so obviously it will be easy to kill him in early levels with CC of our partner that we have.

We will be able to kill him 1vs1 very easily thanks to our explosive damage, but we recommend prioritizing the heal cutter so he can’t benefit from his life steal.


He can stop his R with his E, all his auto-attacks, and also adds CC if he hits him with Q or an auto-attack, can you ask for anything more?


On par with Braum, Yasuo can block everything with his W, plus with his mobility, CC on his third charge of the Q (tornado) and the R that applies more CC when you pick him up…. You can make him a complicated line, as long as you know how to play Yasuo, since a ranged champion is always complicated against a melee.


Practically par excellence this champion can give Aphelios a really hard time, once he does not have his scythe to not heal or shurikens to hit quickly if he is close to the enemy we will try to link our E + W combo with auto attacks to be able to quickly end the life of Aphelios.

We recommend that you play an aggressive support to not be the only one who launches against him, it is important to impose a dominant line to get the victory.

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