Counter Aphelios

Counter Aphelios

Aphelios is one of the most strategic champions of the game, because you have a unique skill interface and have different weapons and skills, which gives you a high of possibilities of things you can do in a match, however, Aphelios is not excento of champions who can do counter and in this content, we will explain which and how to do counter.

Champions counter Aphelios

Weak Against

Counter Syndra Counter Yasuo
Counter Senna Counter Ashe
Counter Leona Counter Braum
Strong Against

Counter Xayah Counter Kai'Sa
Counter Vayne Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Sivir Counter Jinx

General strategies to counteract Aphelios


A champion who can always keep his distance from Aphelios and pockeandólo constantly. If you know how to keep your distance from, you can definitely counter with Ezreal.


A champion who is a tank, who has a lot of CC, that you can assemble items of armor that make the counter-a Aphelios (see the items mentioned in the number of recommended items).


Aphelios is a champion who doesn’t have much of a life span and scales a value lower than the average ADC. Draven is a champion who easily blows up those kind of champions who have little HP.


A support tank, which has skills and a passive one with CC and which has a shield is an excellent counter of Aphelios.


You could not miss the champion who just put a shield that blocks skills, the basic attacks of other champions, who does not consume sis, who has a passive shield that saves every moment and what scale with critical attacks. Definitely, with Yasuo, you get Aphelios easy.

Recommended items against Aphelios

Aphelios being a player who uses a lot of speed and attacks, the following items would be perfect:

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