Counter Ashe

Counter Ashe

How to counter an ashe. If you want to counter an ashe, you’ve come to the right place, since here you’ll find everything you need to face an Ashe in the Bot line, but beating this champion isn’t usually difficult. Since her mobility is limited and depends a lot on her support to survive.

If you want to be calm on the Bot line choose, or ask your partner, a support with stun; a good example would be Braum or Leoa, the second being a real nightmare for her. If you are the shooter of your team, the advisable thing is to choose an Adcarry with good mobility; that they allow you to escape or follow the will of your victim, as the following shooters could be.

Champions counter Ashe

Weak Against

Counter Zed Counter Master Yi
Counter Kayn Counter Akali
Counter Kha'Zix Counter Xayah
Strong Against

Counter Shyvana Counter Darius
Counter Skarner Counter Zilean
Counter Udyr Counter Vayne

Tips to face Ashe

By choosing any of these shooters you can easily win the Bot line; since mobility is the key to winning the clashes against an Ashe, obviously, if the opposite support allows you…


A fight against an Ezreal can be quite difficult for an Ashe; as the skills of this champion allow you to cause damage from a safe place, in addition to your “E” called “arcane alteration” allows you to get away from or close to your rival when necessary, it is also an excellent way to avoid the ultimate Ashe.


If you don’t have a good shot with Ezreal’s “Q”; you could try the same with a Corky, who has a very powerful skill kit; if you make good decisions when pitching with your “W”, it will be impossible for the archer to escape. However, don’t forget your protector; since a good support you can put difficult.


The craziest drawer in Bot’s line doesn’t count on the mobility that Ezreal or Corky has; but, if she has a passive that allows her to run quite well, although the truth will cause fear to any Ashe; it will be the ability to attack from a distance and her “mascafuegos” traps, those that can leave the archer trapped with no possibility to escape.


Last in the list of champions who counter an Ashe; is Tristana, one of the most attacking shooters in all summoner’s rift. This artillery can attack from a distance and use its “W” to blow up its opponent; an excellent option when going against an Ashe.

Items that counter Ashe

Now, I’ll show you the best objects against Her; but before you start consider the following, if you’re a sniper, arm yourself in a standard way and concentrate on farming. This will give you the advantage you need; now, if you’re playing another function, you can choose from the following items:

Omen of Randuin or Heart of Ice

If you face a wild Ashe who doesn’t need to run away; because you managed to get a lot of advantage during the match, you can choose one of these objects. The raduim omen and the heart of ice offer armour to withstand the archer’s damage; but the important thing about these objects is that they leave their attacks, as soon as you take them into account in your next games. Obviously, choose what suits you best; be it for life or sis.

Spine share

A mandatory option when you come across a sniper who is in your possession; it is the spine quota, which returns the damage received from enemies; basically the sniper, in this case Ashe, if you kill him alone.

The best spells against an Ashe

Choose the most common options that are used on the bottom rail; cure if you are the shooter and physics if you are the support.

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