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Counter Ashe

Counter Ashe

To be able to counter Ashe is not usually complicated, since she does not have skills that allow her to move easily and the only thing that allows her to escape from opponents is when she has her ultimate or her auto attacks that make a small slow like her W.

So it will be convenient to choose a champion that has some mobility if you are the ADC and if you are a support, it will be effective to use aggressive picks against her such as Leona, Braum, Nautilus…

Champions counter Ashe

Weak Against

Counter Draven Counter Caitlyn
Counter Samira Counter Tristana
Counter Lucian Counter Xayah
Strong Against

Counter Aphelios Counter Darius
Counter Twitch Counter Zilean
Counter Udyr Counter Vayne

Tips to face Ashe

Ashe is a very basic champion, his auto attacks apply a small slow as well as all his abilities.

  • His Q powers his auto attacks by launching a lot of arrows for each auto attack that inflict a lot of damage.
  • His W will be his strong point online to go pokeando the opponent and pusheando the wave without any problem (it is its source of online damage).
  • His E grants vision and travels the entire map, so he can trace your jungler so he won’t be surprised with ganks.
  • And his ultimate, launches an ice arrow that will apply CC when it hits an enemy, no doubt dodging this ability is to win the line or a team fight.

To counter Ashe you must have mobility, so with these champions it will be easy to win the line as long as your support helps you:


With Arcane Alteration (her E) you can dodge Ashe’s R with ease and even if it reaches you and you have launched it, it has a small bug that makes you jump anyway but stunned, plus you have the line with more range than her to poke her.


With his mobility with E and the damage he has in early, you have the chance to win the line, so if you have a moderately smart support you can win the line against Ashe. Lucian’s trick is to try to poke with Q between the minions to do some damage against her, and when you hit several of them you will notice how her life will go down.

If we have the opportunity to play with an aggressive support, it is important to do the combo correctly, because depending on which support we have it can mean a kill.

The optimal combo to play with Lucian against Ashe would be to enter with our E (if Ashe does not have his ultimate) apply the passive (two auto attacks), Q + passive and W + passive. We have to remember that if he doesn’t have minions in front of him we can hit practically all the bullets of our ulti as he has no mobility whatsoever.


Although Draven’s mobility is not his strong point, against Ashe having so much damage and her not being able to move, you can mark a before and after PRE level 6. You have a higher damage than Ashe and with your W you can chase her if she tries to escape apart from your E that will apply CC and a small slow, enough to be able to hit two auto attacks more than her.


To finish we leave the yordle, you can jump with him, distance it with your R so you can not play comfortable, and as the levels pass it will be easier to win the line to Ashe as you gain range.

If we have the opportunity we will try to jump on her with our E + W combo followed by our Q to gain attack speed and be able to exploit our E, doing combos like this, quite short, we will end up killing Ashe and if we can not finish her we will zoned her enough to lose CS.

Items that counter Ashe

As we mentioned before, Ashe doesn’t have a great mobility, so a randuin’s omen will work well among others:

Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s omen means that if she hits you with auto attacks you will lower her attack speed for a certain period of time, also if you activate the item you will provoke a slow so she will be more exposed.

Hextech belt

If you want to give her a one shot and you are average, the important thing is to get close to her quickly to be able to combo and kill her.

Mercury sash

Ashe’s potential lies in her R so dodging her ultimate with an item will give us a big advantage over her. It is important to throw it at the right time to optimize our damage and not receive too much.

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