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Counter Aurelion Sol

Counter Aurelion Sol

One of the least played champions in mid, because unlike other champions (most of them) has a complexity or a different game vision to the others, as it will focus on giving you with his 3 balls that roll around him.

He is a mage that is quite exposed when making a trade, so an assassin will always go well against him, here are a few:

Champions counter Aurelion Sol

Weak Against

Counter Fizz Counter Ahri
Counter Diana Counter Kassadin
Counter Akali Counter Zoe
Strong Against

Counter Miss Fortune Counter Heimerdinger
Counter Taliyah Counter Mordekaiser
Counter Caitlyn Counter Nasus

Tips to face Aurelion Sol

One of the best ways to counter Aurelion is to keep a good distance (or get very close to him), as his greatest damage will be with his passive and his W does more damage, so getting close to him quickly will put him in trouble, as long as he doesn’t hit his Q as he will stun you.


One of the most known assassins in the mid lane, both for his damage and mobility. Not only that, his R allows you to dodge abilities like Aurelion’s Q or his own R, so you can make him a devastating combo.


If Zed doesn’t seem like a good champion to you since he is a mid AD and you need an AP in the middle, fizz is your champion. It offers a simpler gameplay, and a counter to Aurelion. With the Q we can approach to be able to auto + auto reset with the W and E to dodge the Q (you can alternate the combo if you have already launched the Q or R) lowering his life considerably and trying not to eat the damage back when you finish your combo.


The nine-tailed vixen, a champion that cleans waves well, has mobility with her R a charm (E) that leaves you unable to do anything to the enemy + a % of extra damage you do to the target, and with sustein. Undoubtedly, you can do great burst damage if you play aggressive, and if you play passive you can be at a very high range.


Diana, assassin, ap, with dps and cc with her R, what more do you want? Even if she can hit you with her Q you will have another jump to jump over her and with your R you apply slow, damage, and CC, making her completely viable to counter Aurelion Sol.

Items that counter Aurelion Sol

If you want to win the line or team fights against an Aurelion you will have to learn how to build yourself, here are some of the items you can use against him.


An item for AD champions such as Zed, it will provide you with a shield when you are low on health and gives you magic resistance.

Banshee’s Veil

With this you will be able to dodge Aurelion’s Q or R since you will eat his first ability and it also gives you AP and magic resistance, perfect for any mid AP.

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