Counter Azir

Counter Azir

The Emperor of the Sands is one of the most difficult characters to play League of Legends; few people learn your style of play and can apply it correctly, but those people who can, become powerful opponents who can hardly beat themselves; if you’ve been past the mid-line you battle against the champion, and don’t know how to beat him, don’t worry; today we’ll explain everything you need to know to counter for an Azir.

Champions counter Azir

Weak Against

Counter Vi Counter Jayce
Counter Ziggs Counter Kassadin
Counter Varus Counter Kled
Strong Against

Counter Twisted Fate Counter Gangplank
Counter Heimerdinger Counter Teemo
Counter Nasus Counter Yasuo

Tips for playing against Azir

Azir depends a lot on his soldiers to be able to cause damage; but they can’t move constantly as soon as he tries to position himself well, if a person knows how to play well this champion will put the soldiers, between the champion and the minions. Therefore, the most advisable against this character is to attack from a distance and, if possible, with skills that do a lot of damage without him being able to attack you; a good example of this would be the following champions.

If you want to make the counter a Azir to such a point of humiliating him in the center line; the best is to use the following champions, who have a remarkable advantage over the emperor of the sands and will not be affected by long soldiers who use this champion.


First on the list and one of the most annoying for a Azir is Ziggs; which can cause a lot of damage at a safe distance, no matter where, put the soldiers. Since you can quietly and even attack the enemy from a distance; it doesn’t require much practice with this bomber to be able to beat them at your opponent.


As Ziggs; this champion will be able to attack comfortably from a distance, Xerath has one of the longest range skill sets in the game, which gives him a direct advantage over the emperor of Shurima. If you want to win your line comfortably and simply, remind these champions and you will win easily.


This champion also has an advantage over Azir; however, it is only recommended to use him if you know how to play, since Syndra is much more difficult to play than the characters mentioned above. But if you master it well; it is likely to get several easy killings and you can carry it to your team.


The last of this list will be Fizz, this champion cannot attack from a distance, as previous champions, however, has a great mobility that will allow him to position himself in the best way. If you know how to correctly combine the “Q” and your “E”; you can enter; hurt and leave easily, without any Azir lowering his life and much less killing him.

Always remember that when it comes time to face a Drizzle you have two options; attack from a good distance or position yourself well, since they are the best ways to fight the Emperor of the Sands, you can also take advantage of them by using the following items.

Items that counter Azir

With the following objects you will have a monstrous advantage in the Mid line; always and when you judge with the magicians at distances “like Ziggs or Xerath”, since you will be able to obtain a considerable mana support to attack continuously from a safe distance.


This item is a good option if you plan to play the offense; because it helps you keep your sis and do a lot of damage at the same time, another important factor is that this item offers serious injuries. An effect that can help you gain a position; if the composition of the enemy team is too strong.

Grial Impío de Athene

If, by bad luck, you get off to a bad start in the center line this object you can help, with the Ungodly Grail of Athene you will receive a considerable mana regeneration, if we add to that a champion who can attack with powers from a distance; it becomes the number one nuisance for Azir, thanks to the intense pokeo that this combination can generate.

The best spells against Azir

Choose the most common options that are used in the midrange; if you play with a mobile character like Fizz you could use Ignition, but if you use characters from a distance, it would be advisable to go with barrier.

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