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Counter Azir

Counter Azir

We face against the emperor of shurima and do not know what to play? Don’t worry about it, we are going to tell you tips to play against him and the champions that counter Azir to win the line.

Champions counter Azir

Weak Against

Counter Zed Counter Yone
Counter Yasuo Counter Kassadin
Counter Fizz Counter Xerath
Strong Against

Counter Twisted Fate Counter Gangplank
Counter Heimerdinger Counter Teemo
Counter Nasus Counter Yasuo

Tips for playing against Azir

To be able to face Azir you will have to take into account that his source of damage are his soldiers and the attack speed he has, because he can move them wherever he wants (if he has range) and hit you with them instead of him. He will probably place the soldiers hitting the minions near you so that if he wants to trade you, he can do it without complications by sending them to your position with Q, so keeping the range is a very good option against him.


A very good counter to Azir, the problem we will have if we let ourselves poke with his soldiers, as they come out very fast and our mobility is reduced if we do not have our W to dodge and counterattack the trade. If we have this ability we can try to kill or wear Azir since our base damage is very good as well as his if he hits us.

We must respect the range of both his W and his Q if we want to win the line, because at level 6 we can kill him easily, especially for being able to dodge his combo and his ultimate with our ultimate as it makes us intargeteables.


Similar to Zed, we can try to kill him pre-6, thanks to combos with our tornado and our E to avoid being exposed to Azir’s damage. As the game goes on we will have a great damage to be able to kill him in a few seconds thanks to our critical damage.


Ziggs is a champion that cleans the waves very well and can poke enemy champions. You will have a very passive line against him since you won’t be able to burstearle, but if you can endure and annoy him constantly since you have more range than him.


As in the case of Ziggs, Xerath has a very good range, wave clearing, and a pretty big damage, so you can poke and play passive against him without exposing yourself to his soldiers and being able to farm quietly.


A killer, the problem is that if you go all in, Azir can throw you out with his R, but if you give him the whole combo you’ll probably finish him off. Also he won’t be able to hit you while running away so you can hit him with a lethal combo to end his life.

So you always have to be careful with Azir’s DPS damage and keep your distance correctly if you don’t want to have unfavorable trades or die directly.

Items that counter Azir

With the following items you can have a little more advantage against Azir, as long as you play wisely:


An aggressive item since you will use it to cut his shield thanks to the serious wounds it gives you.


If you want to survive an ambush, we recommend the zhonyas, because if you try to do an insect, what you will do is to leave the R useless, and pray that when you get out of the zhonyas you can save yourself.

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