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Counter Bardo

Counter Bardo

Bardo is one of the most annoying champions that you can face as ADC or even as support because with two auto attacks or even one + his Q he will have already made the whole trade, enough to lower you half life if he has several meeps. So we will discuss all his weaknesses and how to deal with Bard.

Champions counter Bardo

Weak Against

Counter Thresh Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Morgana Counter Draven
Counter Pyke Counter Leona
Strong Against

Counter Taric Counter Kog'Maw
Counter Rakan Counter Rell
Counter Urgot Counter Katarina

Tips for playing against a Bardo

Bard will go from time to time to farm his meeps because they give him experience and mana, so if you have an aggressive support, it will always be a good time to launch yourself towards the enemy ADC to be able to make a 2vs1.

When he is online you have to be careful not to be in a straight line with walls, minions or your teammates, because with his Q he can stun you and with the help of the ADC he can cost you your life.


How to make an opponent’s line fear if they have bard? With leona you have the answer, bardo has a lot of attack in a short time, but it is very difficult for him to cover the allied ADC if they get on top of him, so a good idea is to play aggressive against Bardo.


Even if you’re not Leona, you have a great attacking ability with Tresh and defense from your ADC, so giving an accurate hook can make the difference in the winning line.


As we said before, your AD Carry defense ability for Bard is very tricky, so if you hook the enemy…. It’s probably a sure kill, as he won’t be able to escape (unless he has flash and heal).


Even though he has no mobility, his W can be enough to dodge Bardo’s Q if he doesn’t do it correctly and also your damage so abusive will make it very difficult to pass plus he can’t help his adc if you play aggressive so you can easily take over the line.


A ruthless killer that can easily kill both the enemy ADC and the Bard himself, if we hit our Q we can make a chain of CC with our E apart from our auto attacks, doing great damage that with the help of our ADC will probably be a certain death for our team.

We must be careful when we do not have CDs and especially not trying to play through the bushes to not eat a Q and get stuck to the wall by his CC.

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