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Counter Bel'Veth

Counter Bel’Veth

We are going to explain you how to counter Bel’Veth and what you will have to be careful with her, as she is a powerful champion in the jungle.

Champions counter Bel’Veth

Weak Against

Counter Sejuani Counter Volibear
Counter Amumu Counter Wukong
Counter Rammus Counter Trundle
Strong Against

Counter Lee Sin Counter Viego
Counter Shaco Counter Rengar
Counter Maestro Yi Counter Talon

Tips for doing the counter Bel’Veth

Bel’Veth is a very powerful champion in the late game, but in the early game he has more shortcomings than other champions because although he has good damage, he has very little endurance if you get his damage without your E.

If you usually play passive champions in the jungle or you don’t want to try to do 1vs1, we recommend you to play tanks, because until a fairly long level of the game, he won’t be able to kill you.

Depending on which champion you play against Bel’Veth, you will have more options to win the line, but you don’t have to play him, because even if rammus is perfect against Bel’Veth, if you don’t know how to play him or you don’t feel comfortable with him, you won’t be able to get the best out of him and he will probably end up beating you anyway, you will have to find a balance between Bel’Veth’s counters and your favorite champions.

As you may have noticed, most of Bel’Veth’s counters have something in common, and it’s the CC, since this champion’s main damage is auto attacks, so if she can’t hit you or your allies, you’ll be able to beat her much easier!


The early that this champion has is really good so it makes him quite superior to Bel’Veth, especially for the CC that gets to chain with the E + Q. The best thing about this matchup is the amount of life we have at the beginning of the game as soon as we buy a couple of items (no need to finish the mythic).

We will probably win in a 1vs1 but if they can lend you a hand it will be the best to be able to end his life. Although he has good mobility, if he has lost one of the jumps to escape and has no flash, it will be a very easy kill.

You will have to be careful not to launch the damage combo as soon as she launches her E, as it will mitigate almost all the damage and also if you are in range it will heal, otherwise you can try to kill her without any problem.


This champion is even better than Sejuani in 1vs1 against Bel’Veth, as the first 3 levels are practically unbeatable, huge damage with our E and prolonged healing with our W as the fight gets longer.

Also as we have CC with our Q makes it one of the best counters of Bel’Veth. This champion is very good for counter ganks, and if we have the R, we can not escape.


Although with this champion we counter Bel’Veth, it is important to know that we will not be able to kill her in a 1vs1 for the simple reason that we will lack damage. It is possible to kill her, but it is complicated and even more knowing Amumu’s low mobility.

And… why is she Bel’Veth’s counter then? Basically because of the CC that we can apply in group fights, the double Q together with our Ultimate, make it practically does not move in a fight.


This is Bel’Veth’s counter with more damage, we can enter with our combo of E + Q or Q + E depending on where she is from us and leave with our W when she throws her E. Her E is quite easy to see as she crouches on the ground and hits very fast in an automatic and static way, once we see this ability we must stop hitting her and get out of range and then continue attacking blows against her. We will not have problems when it comes to win the 1vs1 if we do it correctly and when we have our R it will be very easy to kill her.


We finish Bel’Veth’s counters with Rammus, the ease with which he has to apply CC and that we have to be at the range in which Bel’Veth feels comfortable hitting (auto attacks) benefits us a lot because with our W we can do a lot of damage.

The only problem with this champion is the mobility that Bel’Veth has compared to Rammus, as it is quite difficult to hit us for a long time and our E in first levels can not keep it for many seconds hitting us.

Even so, the CC that we can do together with our R and the ability to withstand many hits thanks to our W, make it perfect to play against Bel’Veth.

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