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Counter Blitzcrank

Counter Blitzcrank

One of the characters that can set your computer on fire so feed it is Blitzcrank; if the person who uses it knows how to turn on the hooks well it will make you feel very bad, which can provoke some unwanted comments from your companions, but don’t worry; today we will explain how to counter a Blitzcrank and not die in the attempt.

Champions counter Blitzcrank

Weak Against

Counter Sivir Counter Morgana
Counter Ezreal Counter Alistar
Counter Nautilus Counter Leona
Strong Against

Counter Sona Counter Draven
Counter Kog'Maw Counter Bardo
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Xayah

Tips for playing against a Blitzcrank

The big steamer can be a terrible opponent if they can’t get off their hooks; so if you’re not good at moving from side to side, he uses his minions as his first line of defence, he can also choose the following champions who are direct counters from a Blitzcrank.

If you choose any of the characters; you will counter directly to Blitzcrank, to such an extent that you probably won’t try to throw your hooks. Since it would be something very unfavorable, both for him and his shooter.


Registering is the main counter Blizcrank; in fact, if you play this champion you will want to be grabbed by your hooks, since it will be the perfect opportunity to use your combination of “Q” and “W”; it allows you to throw yourself where you want with the enemy and compromise your position, in fact; if the occasion is right, you can also do it with the extractor, which will give you a monstrous advantage when it comes to making fights at the bottom line.


If you are a blitzcrank champion you should avoid using your “Q” from you at all costs; since lewis is a support that can cancel any shooter, and Blitzcrank will even accidentally pull lioness; your shooter would pay the consequences. Usually when you select the Lioness and the enemy team is a Blitzcrank; in a short time, you can see the toxic comments of enemy players, obviously in the lower leagues.


If you don’t like the tactic of letting the Blitzcrank “Q” pull; you could use a morgana, which can avoid the hook effect with its “E” shield to protect both it and your shooter. Which makes it a great idea if you haven’t proven yourself to previous champions.


If you’re up against a Blitzcrank and you’re the shooter; you could choose the sivir, which has a special skill called “Spell Shield”, which will prevent any ability that is thrown at this shooter; including the annoying hook of this steamy sip, however, you need to have good reflexes.

With these champions you’re more than relaxed when it comes to playing against this robot’s hooks; obviously, you should also be on the lookout for the enemy shooter, so you should always be on the lookout.

Items that counter Blitzcrank

Now I’ll show you some objects that may be useful in your matches against Blitzcrank; but I remind you that they are occasional objects and should only be chosen if you really think they are necessary.

Velo de la Banshee y Yelmoo Adaptable

If, at some point of the match; blitzcrank starts to be a nuisance, you could choose one of these objects, which offer a shield that avoids the effects of the Blizcrank hook. In this way, you can avoid one that another hook would hit; but the most important thing is that it would leave someone in a certain way, to be the main objective. Remember Banshee for magical damage characters and Yelmoo for AD damage.

The best spells against a Blitzcrank

Against a blizcrank it is not necessary to choose a specific combination of spells, thus using the basic spells that are used in the bot line, healing, if you are the shooter and physics if you are the support.

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