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Counter Braum

Counter Braum

The Heart of Fréljord is one of the means that most contributes to your computer, since it can collaborate greatly with your passive, to cause damage in equipment fights. Added to this is your shield; which can prevent you from touching your shot if you don’t have a previous strategy before launching, last but not least is your end; which stands up and creates a considerable area of deceleration, which launches at the right time, you can sell all your companions. But don’t worry; since here we will explain everything you need for your counter to a Braun.

Champions counter Braum

Weak Against

Counter Lulu Counter Morgana
Counter Zyra Counter Zilean
Counter Rakan Counter Soraka
Strong Against

Counter Caitlyn Counter Lucian
Counter Jhin Counter Ezreal
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Pyke

Advice to play against Braum

Braum has the ability to launch himself towards his allies; added to this he has his great shield, which allows him at any moment to defend his companions, the best way to deal with him is to wear him out little by little. Using magic and spells constantly; if you use supports that can use skills the distance would be perfect, then I’ll leave you some champions who are recommended against a Braum.

With this group of supports; you should have a guaranteed victory in the Bot line, as long as and when your support is left career…


With this champion you will make life impossible for the poor Braum; basically he can do the counter in everything, to return useless his passive; with the “E” of Morgana, until wearing out his life, little by little, with the combination of “Q” and “W”. Without a doubt, the best option against a Braum.


With Zyra you can keep Braum calm and his shot with the intense harassment that you can generate with your powers, if you have dominion with this champion can do a lot of damage without putting your line, which will cause in the long run that your enemies lose level and gold.


like Zyra; this champion can harass from the distance of her enemies, since she has a very powerful skill set. The only downside to these “Zyra and Karma” supports is that they get so angry with their enemies; they are usually always chased by the enemy forest.


The difference between Karma and Zyra; Lulu cannot lower Braum’s life with his powers, but you can nullify his defense; as long as you have enough reflexes to use your “W” and turn him into a small animal. This will basically leave him and his shooter helpless, it is recommended if you know how to use a lot to this champion.

With these champions you will have a good advantage; probably Braum does not want to defend his shooter all the time in order to preserve his life, since the harassment that these champions offer is quite strong; I also recommend you to arm him one by one to get more advantage in his line.

Items that counter Braum

These objects will help you to get a little more advantage when fighting a Braum, however; remember that you must arm yourself to fight an enemy team, not just stay focused on arming yourself against a support. Keep this in mind throughout the match; these are the objects I recommend.

Proclamacion de la Reyna del Hielo

It’s a mandatory option; if you elected any of the above mentioned champions, as such, there’s no counter to Braum. But if you combine it with a support like “Morgana, Zyra, Karma or Lulu” you will have the power of skill and mana regeneration needed to disturb the enemies.

Mikael’s Crisol

This object can do it against Braum; if you know how to use it at the right time, since you can avoid the shock of your passive on your companions. When you see Braum’s mark you just have to be very attentive to the last blow; to use this object and remove any effect on your allies, something that can be the difference between living and dying.

The best spells against a Braum

Use the typical options that are played on the bottom lane; heal if you are the shooter and the physics if you are the support.

I recommend the following guides:

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