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Counter Caitlyn

Counter Caitlyn

This champion called Caitlyn is a nuisance, as she has a wide variety of basic attacks, such as her long-range skills. Caitlyn is one of the best ADC in the League of Legends, making him very used in the game for his ease of positioning with this champion. Now I want you to follow the steps in this guide, to finish with ease with Caitlyn.

Champions counter Caitlyn

Weak Against

Counter Sivir Counter Yasuo
Counter Braum Counter Leona
Counter Kayn Counter Varus
Strong Against

Counter Kai'Sa Counter Xayah
Counter Twitch Counter Quinn
Counter Kindred Counter Vayne

Tips for countering a Caitlyn


Sivir’s skills, they suck a lot of Caitlyn’s edge. This champion has good pokeo with her (Q) Numeran Blade and (E) Repercussion skills. Sivir is one of the champions who has his own protection as a skill, when talking about his own protection I give as an example Caitlyn’s ultimate or some other skill that will affect him. Sivir with a “support” that has CC or a gank that makes his “jungle” with some CC skill, it only activates his R and can end up with Caitlyn easily, without escape.


This is another champion, with good reach and a great past that when you get your goal right. Varus is very recommended to finish with Caitlyn, since this is very complete against her. This pokea with his (Q) Penetrating Arrow and attacks Caitlyn to wear her out so he can launch his ultimate skill, to finish her very easily.


This champ’s got Caitlyn all over you, you just have to wait for the right moment to catch her. The combo I recommend with Leona is to wait for Caitlyn in a bush and glue the (Q) Dawn Shield and immediately past. If Caitlyn can save this one, Leona has been carrying her skill (E) Sword of Heaven to get it again and so make her a new combo.


This champion has good skills and a good passive to end Caitlyn. Braum can save his ally from Caitlyn’s ulti with his (E) unshakable ability or some critical attack from some trap like this. Braum is the support I suggest to finish off Caitlyn for his CC and his great protection he gives to his ADC ally.

Itens counter de Caitlyn

Most recommended items are:


This item has to be released when Caitlyn is lucky with his shot, not when Caitlyn is aiming with his ulti if it weren’t for the fact that he will regenerate his supreme ability again. It can also be used when you step on a trap and these are almost lifeless and she is within critical firing range.

Banshee fleece

This makes you immune to the champion just once for Caitlyn’s skills as your boss or your R. This article will help you follow the step without getting caught by some Caitlyn trap. (This item can only catch one trap)

Spine Share

This item must be quickly armed by the tanks. Caitlyn is a champion who attacks from a good interval and this item can go on doing damage while they get it.

Spells counter from Caitlyn

If you are a melee support, I recommend Physics, if allied ADC has CC, you can use the ignite.

The barrier can save you from the R of Caitlyn, if you have the right percentage of life.

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