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Counter Camille

Counter Camille

The Shadow of Steel known as Camille; it’s a powerful opponent that we can find in the top line, thanks to its passive “adaptive defense” you get a shield that protects you from physical or magical damage, depending on the enemy that is ahead; for this reason, you can win most of the matches in battles one against one, however this champion is not invincible, so today you’ll learn how to counter Camille with the advice and recommendations that we’ll give you next:

Champions counter Camille

Weak Against

Counter Illaoi Counter Shen
Counter Fiora Counter Trundle
Counter Tryndamere Counter Ekko
Strong Against

Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Ornn
Counter Syndra Counter LeBlanc
Counter Zed Counter Akali

Tips for countering a Camille

Camille not only has a passive that grants her shields; she also has a “Q” called “Precision Protocol”, which offers great mobility to the character, both to enter and to escape. If you want to win your line, you need to use characters and arm yourself in such a way that you win one on one fights; of course, if you ask for a bit of help in your jungle, it wouldn’t hurt at all.

With these champions you’ll make it easier for you to fight a Camille; bear in mind that each one has a different style of play, so choose the character that you know how to use the most, or that adapts to your way of playing.


like Camille; this champion has a passive, which gives him an acceptable amount of armour, so his opponent won’t have such a big advantage with his passive. Added to that; Malphite can become the indestructible tank that may need your computer, if you arm yourself properly, it will be very difficult to beat the line.


This assistant can play on the top line and can cause what other disruption for Camille; Ekko has a very interesting skill kit, which allows him to resist and even win the one-on-one fights, but that’s not all, and he also has good mobility, which will allow him to continue until the end of his opponent, to avoid her escape.


To win it For Camille with a Jayce you will need more skill; since you can wear it out little by little the distance and the moment of the confrontation change to the body-to-body mode, but you can win in a simple way; you need to have good reflexes and to make decisions “to enter or not to enter, here is the dilemma”.


If the previous options didn’t work out; you can continue with this heavy weight, what you gain or if all the confrontations against a Camille; with Darius you shouldn’t worry about whether or not your enemy counts on your passive, since only you should concentrate on destroying him and let his abilities blow him up every time it’s possible. Only your “Q” can give you peace of mind on the line by healing and doing the damage to your enemy.

With these champions you should be more comfortable on the top line; but if that’s not enough and you want to humiliate your enemy, you could use any of the following items to increase your advantage much further.

Items that counter Camille

With these objects you can increase your chances of victory against a Camille; where, basically, armour and life are the best way to guarantee the confrontations, if you arm yourself with one or two objects that we recommend you; it will be very comfortable and calm.

Solar Fire Coat

This would be the main object when facing a Camille; it offers you the life and armour to resist its combats, but it also offers the passivity of doing damage per second to the opponents who are near you; a small point that can guarantee your victory.

Presagio de Randuin

This object becomes in a short time a tank with a lot of life and armor; it does not offer a passive one that generates damage like the Solar Fire Cloak, but if you have one that diminishes the attacks of your enemies; which will give you more time to finish them.

Share of Spines

With this object, probably your enemy to avoid fights; since you will get a lot of armor, but the most important thing is that you take some of the damage received. This will give you an incredible one-on-one advantage; if your enemy has the value to do so.

The best spells against a Camille

You’ll usually be confronted with Camille on the top line; so the advisable thing would be to take Teleport and Flash, of course this will depend on the champion playing and whether you feel comfortable with these spells.

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