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Counter Cassiopeia

Counter Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia also known as The Serpent’s Embrace; she is an incredible champion when it comes to climbing the division, in fact, the League of Legends “Faker” world champion uses her , since she has very interesting skills; that can generate different opportunities when it comes to playing, both in one-on-one battles and in equipment battles. Basically it has everything and if you want to play against a Cassiopeia; here you will get all the necessary information to win it “as long as you don’t play against Faker”.

Champions counter Cassiopeia

Weak Against

Counter Galio Counter Kled
Counter Viktor Counter Lux
Counter Talon Counter Syndra
Strong Against

Counter Vladimir Counter Mordekaiser
Counter Ryze Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Kalista Counter Riven

Tips for playing against a Cassiopeia

Bear in mind that Cassiopeia has a passive that allows you to get the speed of movement according to your level; but this does not allow you to buy boots, this means that you can use this space to equip another object, which allows you to have a lot of damage unlike other characters, if you want to have one more chance use the following characters.

Cassiopeia can cause a lot of damage in an instant and keep a relatively safe distance; therefore, it would be advisable to use champions who can throw themselves on it and return the damage, or use characters who can attack from a distance; these champions provide you with some benefits and against this snake.


With this colossus you can rest easy when facing Cassiopeia; since it is quite complicated for this champion to lose all her life, but also her skills allow her to win most of the matches. Whether it’s attacking the distance little by little with your “Q” or launching death with your “E” you should have no problem winning.


Using Diana could also win the Mid line; wearing out little by little her “Q” and the moment she finds it opportune to use her end, in order to end the snake’s life in the simplest way possible. But you should know when to look for or avoid fights; to avoid Cassiopeia getting any advantage or recovering from the beating you will give him.


This character easily gains his line; but unlike the characters named above, it is necessary to have more skill and control with his powers. Since, in the Book, he is not a simple to use champion, but if you master him well, he can come and go as often as it takes to finish off his enemy.


If you don’t like the champions that were nominated before, you could use the lux and fight from a distance, maximizing from the beginning your “E” you will cause a lot of damage to your enemy without having to approach. However, if at some point you think you can exchange damage with the snake, remember to use your “W” to reduce all possible damage.

Cassiopeia can be lethal and do a lot of damage in an instant, so you should stay alert to avoid it if you think it will arrive to attack you; get ready to run or get in with everything. But don’t let him down without some kind of punishment; or you will lose the line in the long run.

Items that counter Cassiopeia

At the beginning of the match, the most advisable thing is to arm yourself with essential objects that your champion needs, but if at a certain moment of the match, the snake turns into a powerful snake; think about arming yourself with any of the following objects.

Mercurio’s Boots

Mercury Boots will give you a bit of magical resistance; you will also help him with the slow and stun the snake can do, so it wouldn’t be wrong to hacertel.


If your character is physically damaged you should start with this object; this will give you extra protection with your shield, which absorbs a percentage of magic damage enough to come out alive from a Cassiopeia combo.

Velo de la Banshee

Another way to complicate Cassiopeia’s life is with this object, which offers you a shield that disables the following ability that you throw, but this object is recommended if you are also a magical damage character.

Adaptable Yelmo

as with the Veil of Banshee; the adaptive Elmo will offer you protection, with a shield that prevents the first skill that reaches you; this is the best option if your character is of physical damage, since you will need more life and magical resistance.

The best spells against a Cassiopeia

As Cassiopeia, you are a Mid-line champion; it is best to use the standard spells that are used, such as Ignition and Instantaneous, but it is always advisable to choose the spells with which you feel most comfortable.

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Surely this snake is not the only champion you want to counter; I invite you to see other champions who are quite annoying from the Mid line, so be ready at any time to play your ranks.

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