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Counter Cho'gath

Counter Cho’gath

Here I’ll show you how to counter her Cho’gath. Be a champion you have a good damage besides a great vigor that can carry a very easy match. Cho’gath gets you into the match a lot as he has CC in his Q and silence E. He also has a big R that brings that real damage that from one bite can kill any champion who is under 30% of his life. But here I’ll show you how to end the great Cho’gath.

Champions counter Cho’gath

Weak Against

Counter Kayle Counter Tahm Kench
Counter Vayne Counter Lee Sin
Counter Nocturne Counter Kog'Maw
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Teemo
Counter Fiddlesticks Counter Yorick
Counter Diana Counter Alistar

Tips for countering a Cho gath

The following champions are the most suitable when it comes to battling Cho’gath, as they have good skills that can facilitate a match against him.


This champion and great pokeo can easily beat Cho’gath in the top and mid. Kayle has good neutralising and attacking skills from a distance which helps a lot in a match against him. Kayle also has a great utimate that if used at the right time can avoid dying with R for Cho’gath when he throws it.


As we know, Vayne kills tanks and that helps a lot to counter her Cho’gath. Also, Vayne has mobility, attack damage from a distance and a and that takes away the goals that she throws at them from this ability. This means Vayne is a very good champion against Cho’gath, he just has to have a good position and attack without mercy.


Because of the cures this champion has, it’s very good to use him against Cho’gath. He also has neutralization and speed of movement that puts a lot of Cho’gath in line. Utimate de Cho’gath will not be necessary against him as he can heal a lot when Cho’gath tries to play his R.

Lee Sin

Read without taking Cho’gath with your utimate when Cho’gath approaches him or his partner to eat with your R. Also Read doesn’t have much advantage against Cho’gath in the jungle as it can steal their goals. Read Without taking advantage of the big Cho’gath to kick him against the papers and cause a lot of damage.

Items that counter Cho’gath

The following objects must be used in position to resist a Cho’gath.

Spiritual Rostro

This item increases the received cure by 30%. Body to body champions with life theft can get this item, since when you heal they have 30% more than the cure giving this object a big advantage against Cho’gath, so it can’t end up with a very easy utimate.

Lord Dominik’s retreats

This object is good for killing tanks. As we know, this item does more damage to champions who have more life than it has, and this is a good object against Cho’gath, since Cho’gath is a champion who scales with much life. It’s highly recommended to do the counter-a Cho’gath.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item and removes all damages. When Cho’gath sticks a Q this object can save you from this CC to get out of there and prevent Cho’gath’s team, or it will kill you itself. This object is highly recommended to leave in case of a situation you provoke, when you face Cho’gath. (So I recommend)

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