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Counter Corki

Counter Corki

Corki is known as the Bold Bomber in League of Legends; since, unlike other shooters, the damage you can do in its majority is not caused by your basic attacks; but rather by your spells and skills, which combine with good support can harass your enemies a lot; and especially with its definitive “Missile Download” that allows you to attack from a good distance and constantly, if you don’t know how to play this champion don’t worry; since here you will find everything necessary to advise Corki and win the line.

Champions counter Corki

Weak Against

Counter Dr. Mundo Counter Draven
Counter Zilean Counter Kog'Maw
Counter Yasuo Counter Caitlyn
Strong Against

Counter Vayne Counter Twitch
Counter Ezreal Counter Tristana
Counter Jinx Counter Jhin

Tips for playing against a Corki

Try to use handles with a good attack range; in such a way that you can attack every time you have the opportunity, the ideal would be to fight in fights where corki has a little less life than you; since this bomber can do a lot of damage in a short time, if you have good reflexes to deviate from your “Q”, you will have more chances; if it becomes very difficult to beat this champion use one of the following characters.

If you want to win a match against corki you can use these champions; in most cases you would win your battles, however, the role of the media is very important and they can also be definitive when it comes to fighting:


With Caitlyn’s large scale, he will be able to do his best without being harassed by Corki’s powers; even every time he is the passive “Headshot” he takes the opportunity to give him a critique of the aviator and gradually diminish his life.


if you’re bothered by Corki lowering himself all his life, with his powers, you can lower your life with a few for the patents and with Draven you’ll easily, in fact, do well and you get some initial advantage; it’ll be almost mandatory for the aviator to play on the defensive, for the damage that this champion can do.


Another character that can play safely, the distance is Varus; which can cause a lot of damage with your “Q”, even if you have a good caliber support that you contribute protection; you could play more aggressive than usual to win the line easily.


At last it’s serious; another champion who can make Corki counter easy, basically you’ll play normal from the Bot line; but if at some point the airman decides to throw himself to you with his Child, you’ll practically fight him with his “W” and blind them, as Corki has little mobility and without the “W” it’ll take a while to get out of the cloud of smoke; enough for you to end your life.

Don’t let your enemy outsmart you; using these characters will be difficult to farmear with ease, so don’t hesitate to use them to win your line, though; if at one point in the game you feel that Corki is unstoppable, you can arm yourself with some counter items.

Items that counter Corki

In Bot’s line it’s preferable to arm yourself with the standard objects that your character requires, but if you want to create some object to make it counter specific to this champion, they would be as follows:

Death dance

The Death Dance offers a passive, which allows you to absorb a bit of life from the damage you do, this way you will avoid that the harassment that generates this insect suffer a lot; but if you notice that it is not the best option against the enemy team, you can use “Sword of the Ruined King or The Bloody One” that offer the same capacity to steal life.

Share of Spines

Against any handle a Spine Share can be the key; as in most cases the enemy will avoid concentrating their attack on you, as the share generates serious injuries and even back a percentage of the damage you receive.

The best spells against a Corki

If you came to play against a corki at the Bot line; you should go with Healing if you’re the shooter or Physics if you’re the support, there’s no point in inventing or testing with other spells.

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The Bold Bomber is not the only character who can make life difficult in the line of Bot; so I’ll leave you some guides that you can’t lose, where other champions talk about as irritating, as they would be:

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