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Counter Darius

Counter Darius

Here I’ll show you how to finish and resist the terrible Darius. This League of Legends champion is very demanding on the top line, because he is so powerful, he is one of the most banned at the time of choice, if you have bad luck to be chosen for the enemy team I will show you here which champions, items and spells help you to beat the terrible Darius.

Champions counter Darius

Weak Against

Counter Renekton Counter Vayne
Counter Ashe Counter Sejuani
Counter Elise Counter Zilean
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Galio
Counter Akali Counter Draven
Counter Vi Counter Irelia

Tips for countering a Darius


The ability (E) gives him the mobility to escape Darius’ claws, since Darius is very slow and cannot catch the crocodile. He is highly recommended for his skills and being another tank champion.


This may be invisible with your ulti and leave this with your skill (E) and serves to help Darius disappear. Also, you have to take into account that Vayne has the facility to remove a lot of damage champions that have a lot of total life thanks to his skill W (Silver Projectiles) and summarize that Vayne always uses the item King Ruined that also helps with that.


This champion has good passive and good skills to beat the fearsome Darius. Thanks to his passive Darius can’t finish this one and his skills (E) and (Q), which don’t let Darius follow in the footsteps of Aatrox, summing up that Aatrox has a good CC combined with a good jungle gank can help a lot.


Sejuani and his ice skills return Darius a slow-moving turtle, allowing the allied team to be satisfied against it. I recommend as jungle and camping the ally that faces against Darius.

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