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Counter Diana

Counter Diana

The Desdem of the Moon known as Diana; it is a very strong adversary that you can find in the Mid line, with a style of game that wears down, little by little, with its “Increasing Impact” to “Q”, prepares its enemy, to such a point where it can throw itself with everything with its husband; to end in an instant with its life without giving it chance to escape, if you have no idea of how to play against this champion llegastes to the indicated place; since here you will learn everything what it needs for its counter in a Target.

Champions counter Diana

Weak Against

Counter Fiora Counter Jax
Counter Cho'Gath Counter Karma
Counter Irelia Counter Riven
Strong Against

Counter Twisted Fate Counter Aurelion Sol
Counter Talon Counter Taliyah
Counter Fizz Counter Zyra

Advice to play against a Diana

To win the Mid line you must mentally take the times when you use your powers; if you pass the “W” effect, fail “Q”, or you run out of mana. Seize the moment to attack with everything. If this seems too difficult, I recommend the following characters; they will give you the most advantage online.

Champions counter Diana

With these champions you will have a very big advantage against diana; there are so many benefits they offer, that you don’t need to be an expert to make counter, it is clear that it is advisable to choose the champion who dominates the most to guarantee the game.


The main nightmare for a Diana is a Mordekaiser, who has a passive that gives her a shield every time she does damage with her abilities, which gives her extra protection when facing any fan of the moon. So, this is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to fighting a Target.

Cho gath

This champion does not have a protective shield like Mordekaiser; because basically he does not need, for his great amount of life, with Cho’gath he should win the line comfortably and if he weapons correctly he should even carry his own position; a good alternative if you do not know how to use the champion that was mentioned earlier.


If you know how to use the Heimerdinger you can also use it; since with its towers you will be able to keep the calm to a great fan of the moon, making a very strong counter, preventing it from throwing itself towards you. In most cases, you may find healthier than you; so, if she came to research fights, don’t be afraid to end it.


In case Diana plays the Top Line, you can choose Irelia; a very strong and resistant champion of what you can start the matches every time you have the opportunity, with your “W” will have the advantage most of the time, either by slowing down or mostly stunting your enemy.

Remember that Diana has a skill kit to eliminate you in an instant; in most cases you can’t escape thanks to her combo, so it’s to keep calm, if you have little life or none of the characters we recommend above; if you notice that the enemy Target is very strong, you can arm yourself with the following items.

Items that counter Diana

The best objects you can arm yourself against a Target are those that present themselves, shields, life or stamina enough to support the combo it has; a good example would be:

Mercurio Boots

With the Boots of Mercury you will have a little magical resistance; but also reduce by 30% the duration of the deceleration, which causes “E” of Diana.


If you are a physical damage killer you should use this object; this will give you extra protection with your shield, which absorbs a percentage of magic damage enough to come out alive from a Diana combo. In addition to offering damage to exchange any confrontations you may have against the Moon fan.

Spiritual Appearance

With Spiritual Appearance you will come to life and resist magically enough for a Diana to erase itself in an instant; but the most important thing is that the passivity of this object allows it to heal a little after receiving an attack, which will prevent the fan of the moon from lowering the wear and tear of her life with her “Q”.

o Velo de la Banshee o Yelmo Adaptable

you can also choose between Banshee or Adaptive Elmo; depending on which champion you use and which one suits you best, as these objects give you an anti-hechizo shield that blocks the first enemy skill you receive; which further complicates the possibility that Diana can connect to your combo.

The best spells against a Diana

There is no specific spell that can give more advantage against a Target; the advisable thing would be to choose the spells that go according to your champion or that you feel more comfortable with, a good example would be Ignition and Barrier next to Flash.

I recommend the following guides:

Moon Disdain is a champion who can upload to your computer; if you don’t know how to play properly, then it’s normal that you’re looking for how to counter; then I’ll leave you a list of guides with other Mid Line champions so powerful.

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