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Counter Dr. Mundo

Counter Dr. Mundo

Crazy Zaun is one of the characters with the most life regeneration in all summoner’s rift, making him practically an unstoppable champion hard to kill, but despite all this character also has his weak points; so if you want to counter her Dr. Mundo here, you will know everything you need to win the line and not lose the positions because of you.

Champions counter Dr. Mundo

Weak Against

Counter Volibear Counter Olaf
Counter Urgot Counter Fizz
Counter Illaoi Counter Trundle
Strong Against

Counter Jax Counter Corki
Counter Twitch Counter Maokai
Counter Tryndamere Counter Sivir

Tips for playing against a Dr. Mundo

If you want to win Dr. Mundo in a simple way you must combine the two things; a champion who can endure your confrontations and who causes explosive damage that you can exclude him, if to this we add some effect that cuts your life regeneration can say relatively easy; a good example of the champions we refer to are the following:

These champions will help you to resist in the top line; yes you make good decisions and if you weapon correctly, you should win a line or nullify Dr. Mundo, however, it is very advisable to use the champion who knows how to use the most, to avoid feeding your enemy.


This character is one of the best at anti-tank talking; since he has the ability to do evil, true and no matter how much armour his opponents have, he will be able to diminish life, but against Mundo this will not be enough; you need to steal life and some object that will make serious injuries if you want to have much advantage against your enemy.


The king of the trolls is another champion who can resist the top line against a Dr. Mundo; in fact it makes it quite complicated to defeat him, an advantage that Trundle has is that he has very useful skills that can facilitate the gankeos of his allies.


A person who knows how to play Riven can literally explode a Dr. Mundo; since it can shorten life in an instant thanks to its great damage and attack combos, however, in order to keep the advantage at the top line, it will be necessary to use the Spell to Arrest and not the Teleportation, which is what is usually used at the top line.


Last in the list of champions who make the counter-Dr. Mundo is Kog’Maw; if you play shooter it is recommended to use this walking machine gun, which combines with a Call of the Executioner and a Ruined King. You’ll see how it lowers your enemy’s entire life in an instant.

It’s very important that you consider eliminating the great advantage that Dr. Mundo has; his great regeneration of life, for this, you can use the spell to arrest or use any of the following objects that will help you win.

Items that counter Dr. Mundo

These objects can be essential when facing a Dr. Mundo; since they offer the ability to inflict serious injuries, an effect that diminishes the effects of healing and life regeneration; something that must take into account if you want to kill him or at least harm him in a simple way.

The Call of the Executioner

This item is important when starting the match and if your character is a champion of physical damage; no matter if you are a sniper or a body-to-body champion, you can then become the Death Reminder, which can also cause serious injuries and ignores a percentage of enemy armour.


The alternative to the executioner’s call for magical damage characters is the Morellonomicon; which allows you to use your skills constantly thanks to your mana regeneration and ability to inflict serious injuries.

Rylai Crystal Center and The Torment of Liandry

If at some point you think Dr. Mundo is invincible and no one can diminish life; you can use this combination of objects, which can diminish a considerable percentage of your life. It should be noted that these objects do not cause serious injury; so you should combine it with the Morellonomicon.

Spin QuotaThorns Quota

This item is optional in case your character is a tank; it also offers the passive of serious injuries and returns a percentage of the damage received, however, it is difficult for a Dr. Mundo to focus on you being a hard character to kill. For this reason it could be considered as an optional item and is not as recommended as the previous ones.

The best spells against a Dr. Mundo

It is almost mandatory to play with Ignition if the enemy team is a Dr. Mundo; since with this spell you can considerably eliminate your healing, if you are the Top, Mid or, in some cases, the support; you should seriously consider taking the Ignition.

I recommend the following guides:

Zaun Madman is a virtually unstoppable Top; but there are other characters equally uncontrollable or unfair like this one, so I’ll leave you a list of champions that will make you think; that the people of Riot Games should make a nerfeo:

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