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Counter Draven

Counter Draven

The Glorious Performer known as Draven; he is one of the shooters with the most monstrous blows of summoner’s rift, if he has a good support to defend him from the enemies it is very probable that he will charge his team to victory. No matter if the enemy is another shooter or a tank; you’ll have to launch some for the patents to see it fall, for this reason today we’ll explain everything you need to know to counter for a Draven.

Champions counter Draven

Weak Against

Counter Thresh Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Varus Counter Nami
Counter Vi Counter Darius
Strong Against

Counter Ezreal Counter Lucian
Counter Sona Counter Sivir
Counter Bardo Counter Kalista

Tips to face Draven

Draven is a shooting game like no other; the great advantage his axes give him is that they allow him to do enormous damage, but his strongest point is his great weakness. Since knowing where to position yourself at the moment of throwing them allows you to do badly; for this it is recommended to use the following characters, which make direct counter against the shooter.

These are the best characters when it comes to playing against a Draven; they can take advantage of your weakness, but remember that the passive “League of Draven” can help you recover economically if you kill some enemies; so, no trust.


By placing Caitlyn’s traps in the middle of the places where Draven keeps himself harder than he can get his axes and if you step on one of the traps you can beat one of Caitlyn’s basic reinforced attacks. Another important detail is that Caitlyn has more range than Draven and this allows him to harm Draven from time to time without receiving damage in return.


There are few handles you can feel comfortable with when fighting a Draven; since in most confrontations you will always lose, however; with Varus you can attack and wear out the enemy thanks to his great distance. This gives you a great advantage and, moreover, you can hit most of your skills; among them, your ultimate.


This would be the number one champion when it comes to advising Draven; since she has a perfect skill for him, his “Q” called “water prison,” which allows him to throw a bubble at your position; if you’re going to hold him still for a few seconds, which will give you enough time for your shooter to hurt her, an excellent option if you want to win easily.


Thresh is another character who can make life difficult for Draven; since he has a good skill kit for deathmarking, the only detail is serious and he must position himself well to avoid the minions and they don’t block his hooks; to avoid failures when fighting.


like Tresh; Blitzcrank is another excellent option, which has an excellent hook that can help you beat Draven, the only detail is that if the Glorious Performer’s support is a Ready or Braum; it can complicate the game a bit, so be careful with that.

Always remember that the great power of Draven are his axes; the ones that give great damage to the time of throwing your blows, but these same axes are his weakness. If you want to do it against your enemy; you must make the most of it, your advantage is when you have the axes in your hands and your disadvantage is that, when you have them, in the air; your reflexes and decisions will be the ones that will give you the victory, if you take advantage of it.

Items that counter Draven

It is advisable to arm yourself with the objects your character uses; whether you are a sniper or a support, if the occasion should come when Draven has much advantage and a very powerful damage. However, you can tell him the most tank member of your team if he arms the next object:

Spine Share

This would be the best object you could arm yourself against a Draven; obviously, if you have a tank character, since the Thorn Quota will give you a good amount of armor; but the most important thing is that it returns the damage received from enemies, which will basically cause Draven to kill himself or to fail to do considerable damage.

Draven counter Spells

In the line of Bot it is almost mandatory to use Physics against a Draven; obviously, in the case that it is a support, since it will decrease considerably the damage that can generate at the time of facing his biggest ally; this can be the difference between living or dying.

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