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Counter Ekko

Counter Ekko

The youngster of the fragmentary time; he is one of the most complicated champions for those who will face each other on the Mid line, Ekko has a set of skills that can be quite strange if you have never played and if he faces you can leave him with his mouth open more than once, for this reason we have created this guide; so that you learn all that is necessary to make the counter Ekko and not lose more positions against him.

Champions counter Ekko

Weak Against

Counter Fiora Counter LeBlanc
Counter Malzahar Counter Vladimir
Counter Kassadin Counter Yorick
Strong Against

Counter Ezreal Counter Gnar
Counter Camille Counter Jayce
Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Rammus

Tips for countering a Ekko

If Ekko is a champion who always makes you lose the line, or cannot understand his powers; the best you can do is buy the champion, if you use a few times, you will be able to understand his mechanics and respond better when playing against him. You can also use the following characters that will help you win online.

With these champions you will be able to relax when it comes to fighting Ekko; they can already do it in front of your skill kit, another important factor is that the four characters you name below; have different game styles, which allows you to choose the one you like best or adapt to your style.

Cho gath

This champion can be a real nuisance to Ekko; since Cho’gath is a strong and very resistant character, able to resist any combo of this time traveler. The only detail is that Cho’gath can’t follow his enemy, since he doesn’t have the necessary mobility, however, he won’t have problems to win every match.


If you have the skill and reflexes of this champion you can win; LeBlanc with his skills, you can attack Ekko and dodge his attacks, which will give you a great advantage when it comes to starting the match and the difference from Cho’gath; with this champion it will be almost impossible that your enemy can escape.


This character can also be an option, as it has the ability to delete Ekko with a simple combo and, in some cases, delete it without even allowing you to use your final one, with this character you can own the match if you make the right decisions and if you weapon well.


if you consider yourself a strategist and know where to place your towers correctly; Heimerdinger is your best option, since it can annoy any Ekko as long as you have the patience to use this little inventor. One of the advantages of using these characters is that the enemy will be forced to stay in your line or lose the towers to help your team, something that will help you take advantage by making goals quickly.

If you focus on avoiding their gears and being pending when it has its ending; Ekko shouldn’t win so easily though; if you think you still can’t take advantage of it, you can use the following objects.

Itens counter de Ekko

The following items should be used for champions that can be used, to prevent Rammus from going out with his.

Mercurio Boots

Mercury Boots are important against a Year; since they reduce the effects of reduction and stunning, they are the best boots you can wear against it.


We recommend using Sorbechizos if your character is physically damaged; as it will give you a shield that absorbs the magical damage, which can make the difference between living or dying when facing Ekko.

Velo de la Banshee or Yelmo adaptable

Another way to get an advantage is with one of these objects; they give you a shield that disables the first ability you throw an enemy, enough to avoid a lot of damage that could cause you the enemy Ekko; obviously, you should only choose one of these objects, the one that best suits your character and the match.

Ekko’s Counter Spells

The most recommendable is to use the spells you feel comfortable with at the Mid Line; both the Ignition and the Barrier can be useful to end or resist against an Ekko, so feel free to use them.

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