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Counter Evelynn

Counter Evelynn

The Widowhood Production known as Evelynn; has become one of the main fears for many, theoretically; since its last rework not only its appearance, change, but also the power that is now devastating compared to other times. If you’re one of those people who feel like they’re missing out just by seeing you in character selection, don’t worry; since here you’ll learn everything you need for your Counter a Eveleynn.

Champions counter Evelynn

Weak Against

Counter Nocturne Counter Rek'Sai
Counter Lee Sin Counter Mordekaiser
Counter Jinx Counter Maokai
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Nautilus
Counter Rek'Sai Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Kled Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips to face an Evelynn

With these champions you will be able to hunt Evelynn in most cases; above all, it does not affect them in anything that is invisible, or your skill set, so you try to use the character that best suits your style of play or at least what you like most.


If you want to quote Evelynn on all aspects with Rek’sai you can do it easily; since for this champion it is not a problem of invisibility. Because he can detect any enemy only with the vibrations he feels on the ground; so if Evelynn gives you fear in his games, in this game you will be what he fears.


Another character with whom you will be able to hunt the invisible lady is Rengar; especially now that Evelynn can only be invisible, after level 6, moreover, this brave hunter has a very good skill set; he will give you a good advantage in all one-on-one fights, so do not hesitate to use him “if you know how to use him, of course”.

Lee Sin

If you have good skills and know how to calculate the following steps of your enemy; Lee cannot be a scary choice for an Evelynn, in fact, in most cases “if you have common sense” will prevent you from facing the confrontations; since this champion basically the dregs of the map.


With Maokai you won’t be able to tell Evelynn how you would with the previous characters; but with this character you can be happy and satisfied in your Jungle without fear of dying, as this character is a ‘strong tree’ that the invisible lady can hardly ascertain.

Remember that Evelynn is not as effective at the start of the match; so he probably won’t gankee the lines unless he has slow or stunned partners like Bot’s line would be; so be careful to locate him at any time, and avoid him getting an advantage. Although you will have a possible win if you use these champions and even more if you know how to play them.

Items that counter Evelynn

With these objects you can get an advantage when facing Evelynn; remember that you must arm yourself with the initial objects that are necessary for your character and then you must think about using the ones we will name you next.

Spiritual Appearance

Spiritual Appearance is a good option against Jungle champions like Evelynn; but only this will help you resist your skill combo.


Another item very useful mainly for the champions mentioned above is Sorbechizos; which will give you good damage, but above all you will care about your shield which absorbs part of the magic damage they do to you.

Evelynn’s Counter Spells

Choose the common spells you would use in the line you selected; or at least, one that you feel more comfortable with.

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