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Counter Ezreal

Counter Ezreal

The Prodigal Explorer known as Ezreal; is one of the most pokeo shooters in the Bot line, in other words; is one of the adcarrys that can most wear out the enemy team using skills that attack from a distance, this can turn into a real hassle and in many cases a horror if you do not know how to play it, for this reason today we will show you tips and tricks that will help you to make it counter for an Ezreal.

Champions counter Ezreal

Weak Against

Counter Draven Counter Yasuo
Counter Graves Counter Braum
Counter Twitch Counter Sivir
Strong Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Rakan
Counter Nami Counter Jinx
Counter Ashe Counter Syndra

Tips to face Ezreal

When you’re in the line of Bot against Ezreal you should only worry about keeping him behind your minions; to avoid the strong harassment that can make this character, if you notice that your enemy begins to farmear with your skills calculates the best time to attack, we recommend the following champions if you want to beat them from the battles to an Ezreal.

When you see an Ezreal in the enemy team; the most recommendable will be to choose characters that can attack behind the minions, a good example would be Caitlyn or Tristana, however; if we will name other characters that have a great advantage against the Ezreal, at the time of fighting one against one.


the knobs with which you can face Ezreal; Draven is very high on the top, as he can kill the enemy with few for the patents and decrease life easily with his great power of attack. You should only be alert to exchange attacks every time you get the chance; to force him to give up, or even send him to the base with a kill.


Another viable option is Graves; what you can do comfortably between the minions and when you reach your level 6, when you are champion you can erase from a combo to any Ezreal; this character is perfect, because you can do a lot of damage in a short time.

Miss Fortune

One tirator who can complicate much of the Ezreal line is Miss Fortune, who can do a lot of damage to her enemy behind the minions with her “Q” called “Offer” a skill that causes a lot of damage to the first goal and fight back by hurting the next enemy behind.


In the Bot line not only do they play handles; if it is the case that you play support, with the Bardo can bother your opponents a lot. If you know how to move well and make the right decisions, you can force poor Ezreal to retreat, I prevent him from farming, with this champion you will often force the enemy shooter to use the “E” to deviate from his abilities.

With these champions, you should win the Bot line more simply; or, at least, you will start with a good advantage when you start the game, remember that many are the factors that determine a winner to a computer in League of Legends; – if for lack of luck you will not have the advantage you want, you can opt for the following items.

Items that counter Ezreal

As Ezreal is a character who has skills that will reduce your life very quickly; the advisable thing is to opt for objects that offer theft of life, this way you can keep in your line for as long as possible, until the moment of confrontation arrives; a good example of this are the following items.

Vampiric Center

An excellent item that you can choose to buy the first round at the base; it will give you the theft of life that you need to face Ezreal and won’t affect you so much as the wear and tear it may cause.


Obviously, if you buy the vampiric center that improves What could be better than a Sanguinária? The object that will give you a bit of a shield, not to mention the damage necessary to make your enemies cry.

Randuin’s Presage

If you are the tank of your team and you need to withstand the damage of your enemy; with this object you will succeed, since it gives you a good percentage of life and armor; but the most important is that it decreases the attacks of your enemies, perfect against Ezreal or any sniper.

Spells counter of Ezreal

Use spells that are normal at the Bot line; protect yourself using other combinations that are not worthwhile, just position yourself behind the minions, use one of the champions that was said or use the objects that we recommend that you will have plenty of advantage.

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