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Counter Fiddlesticks

Counter Fiddlesticks

The ancestral fear known as Fiddlesticks; is the most rude or annoying character you can find in the jungle for more after the rework they did to you, as your skills greatly affect your character. Whether you silence, slow down or steal your life in a very cheeky way. But above all; this amazing bird has an ending that could end your computer life, so it is highly recommended that you follow the advice and recommendations that we will say in this guide; so that you learn everything you need for your counter to a Fiddlesticks.

Champions counter Fiddlesticks

Weak Against

Counter Cho'Gath Counter Alistar
Counter Brand Counter Xin Zhao
Counter Sejuani Counter Janna
Strong Against

Counter Vladimir Counter Katarina
Counter Rammus Counter Akali
Counter Nidalee Counter Fiora

Tips for countering a Fiddlesticks

If you want to win this scarecrow in a match; you will have to use characters that they cause a lot of damage in a short time, a good example would be the following champions.
With these characters, you can erase any scarecrow that gets in your way; these champions have so much advantage against Fiddlesticks, you can say that the enemy will prevent them from fighting you.


First on the list is Katarina; a champion with the skills to escape from ambushes or to eliminate the threat if he doesn’t make a good decision, with this assassin you can eliminate your enemies, including the scarecrow.


With Vladimir you can put yourself immune for a few moments, which would be enough to escape your abilities, especially your ulti.


Another option with which you can fight the Messenger of Death is with Akali; one second you can hide in the shadows to avoid the effects of your enemy, but you can also throw yourself with everything, without giving time for the scarecrow to steal your life.


Of all the options that have been named Fizz can be the easiest, since your “E” you can run away from, or hit your enemy, plus it allows you to avoid stealing the enemy’s life. If Fiddlesticks thinks of using their ending; this fish would have a perfect opportunity to use their “R” and easily hit their skill.

Items that counter Fiddlesticks

These objects are highly recommended when facing Fiddlesticks, so arm them if you have the opportunity.

Mercury Boots

These boots not only confer resistance to magic, but also give tenacity, which is the reduction of effects of skills that harm the movement.

The Call of the Executioner

This article considerably reduces the Fiddlestick cure.

Velo de la Banshee o Yelmo adaptable

These objects give you a shield that disables the first ability you cast an enemy; enough to avoid spells that can be cast, obviously you should only choose one of these objects; the one that best suits your character and the match.

Fiddlesticks Counter Spells

A good option against this amazing bird is Ignition; which significantly diminishes the healing it can have when it comes to absorbing life, however, purification would also be feasible, which removes all the effects of loss of movement that your champion, if you can; such as, for example, slowness or stun.

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