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Counter Fiora

Counter Fiora

In this guide you will be showing how to do the counter-fiora. This champion has good AD and passive skills that makes it hard to pelearle alone. Fiora is a champion of something complete, since she has in her abilities mobility, immunity, attack speed and life regeneration with her R; but every League of Legends champion, has his opponents that make him counter, as if I will be showing forward on the Fiora’s counter.

Champions counter Fiora

Weak Against

Counter Pantheon Counter Evelynn
Counter Tryndamere Counter Rammus
Counter Fiddlesticks Counter Shen
Strong Against

Counter Kassadin Counter Diana
Counter Gangplank Counter Camille
Counter Zed Counter Katarina

Tips to face Fiora

These champions are the ones I recommend most when facing a Fiora. Pantheon, Shen, Tryndamere and Olaf, are champions with endurance on the line, since thanks to their skills they can annoy Fiora and finish her easily.


This is the champion I recommend the most to end Fiora. Pantheon has a passive that gives you a shield when it hits 3 times, this being the factor that causes frustration to Fiora, since she won’t be able to get her Q when she activates her shield. Also, it is passive helps a lot for what is the E ability of Fiora, as it increases the attack speed by 2 basics, making the first slow and the second stick a critic.


This champion is very good against Fiora, since this is a tank and has excellent skills, to face this one. Shen and his skill W makes him a strong counter to Fiora’s skill E. Shen can also save Fiora’s allies with his great R or W and make Fiora attack with his other fantastic skill E to avoid the death of an ally.


Here I suggest Tryndamere, your great damage destroys Fiora with your sword. Tryndamere is a champion who has wrath, making this blow when the Fiora each basic increase their anger, so that it hurts the Fiora with much more damage. Also this champion has theft of life and a great ultimate that helps a lot to a confrontation against Fiora.


This champion also resists a clash with Fiora, as this one arm himself properly Fiora, you can win much easier. Olaf also possesses very good passive skills, making Fiora run from the east. Olaf’s passive skills, while his 1% less life increases his attack speed, as well as W’s that increases his attack speed and life steal when activated.

Items that counter Fiora

The following item is highly recommended against Fiora.

Presagio de Randuin

This item, reduces the attack speed by 5% and a critical blow by -20%. Also by 55% the movement speed when activated and the achievement of your goals. It is highly recommended, since E de Fiora causes critical and attack speed.

Solar Fire Jacket

Being a Fiora a body to body AD champion, Solar Fire Cloak helps with armor, life and damage, as just having Fiora close by with the exclusive passive of this item makes it a considerable damage.

Spine Share

with the SpinaCount this can cause serious injuries, which reduces its healing, which is one of Fiora’s main characteristics.

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