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Counter Fizz

Counter Fizz

This guide will show you how to counter Fizz. This League of Legends champion is very good, as he has a lot of AP damage that he can delete to any combo. Fizz is one of the best champions in the game, since thanks to his skills he has become very famous, but here I will give you some advice and recommend some champions to finish him.

Champions counter Fizz

Weak Against

Counter Lissandra Counter Galio
Counter Diana Counter Garen
Counter Ryze Counter Karma
Strong Against

Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Karthus Counter Taliyah
Counter Zyra Counter Kindred

Tips to face Fizz

The champions below are the most recommended against Fizz, since they have good skills that help to face him.


This champion is quite complete against Fizz, since she has in her abilities CC, reach and great R that if launched, she can avoid the Fizz combo. Lissandra is the one I most recommend when talking about winning a Fizz. If Lissandra takes advantage in the match, Fizz will be a brainwave for Lissandra.


When Fizz sees the departure to a Kayle knows what it lost, since this puts in doubt its R. Kayle can save an ally or itself of the claws of Fizz, since Kayle has a good R that puts immune to what if it put this ability. Fizz also cannot do much in line against Kayle, since the pokea enough.


This champion is another one who resists a lot in line, thanks to his healing. Fizz can’t eat Vladimir, since he has a great ability, which avoids the damage of R de Fizz. Vladimir also poke Fizz a lot and thanks to this, put him at a distance to prevent him from winning the match. (It is very recommended to face Fizz)


As you can see, Gallium’s passive is a powerful basic attack that is based on the amount of magical resistance it possesses. Thanks to Gallium’s passive, it provides more magical resistance to guantar and more rigid Fizz necklace. Also the R of Gallium that can go quickly to rescue an ally of Fizz’s claws.

Items that counter Fizz

The following items have to be used to face Fizz.


This object makes you immune to the champion you have when you activate it. Zhonyas is the most recommended for mages when facing Fizz, since this item prevents the utimate of Fizz being a factor for it and avoid a deleted.

Fauces Malmortius

This object absorbs magical power when what it possesses is below 30% of its life and increases the theft of life and attack. It is highly recommended to face Fizz as it absorbs the damage from your combo.

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