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Counter Galio

Counter Galio

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Galio. This champion is very good against AP champions, as he increases the damage of his passive with the magical resistance. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions to be able to beat you is very easy.

Champions counter Galio

Weak Against

Counter Darius Counter Udyr
Counter Illaoi Counter Fiora
Counter Braum Counter Jhin
Strong Against

Counter Fizz Counter Cassiopeia
Counter LeBlanc Counter Teemo
Counter Katarina Counter Ashe

Tips to face Galio

The following champions are the most recommended for the time to finish with Gallio.


This champion is very good, since he is AD and in his R has real damage. Darius heals with his Q and pulls with his E to Galio if he tries to escape with his E. He also has a great passive that makes Galio not stand up to him, at any moment of the match, since they are the 2 body to body, but Darius takes more advantage thanks to his passive.


Also Illaoi is AD who gives much advantage against a Galio. If Galio tries to attack Illaoi this champion uses her skill E and R to delete Galio very easily. Illaoi has a lot of damage and can finish off Gallius and his jungle ally if the forest is hand-to-hand. I recommend this champion because she destroys any champion who does body-to-body like Gallius.


This champion has mobility, great damage and her W ability that removes any skill from her path. Fiora pokea a Gálio until she leaves him in one percent of life to attack with her R to increase his speed of movement and be able to take the kill very easy. Fiora with her elusive W and Galio R as if nothing.


This champion can save the match of a Galio, since she has good skills like her Q, E and R. Q can stop Galio when he tries to enter with his E, also Morgana has his E which is a shield that leads to a friend or the R of Galio or the CC of his E. Morgana’s R can stop Galio when it tries to end some ally and taking advantage of the CC of this R to end it.

Items that counter Galio

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness that gets what you have when it is activated. If Galio gets your R or E this item can serve as a salvation to get out of that horrible CC that has that champion.

Fauces Malmortius

This object absorbs the magical damage received, and increases the theft of life and attack. This object is very good if Galio has the stiff ones, since it has an excellent passive that sticks a lot when it is impacted.

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