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Counter Garen

Counter Garen

This guide will show you how to count Garen. This champion, since he’s a tank and has very good skills, if it makes it difficult for us to deal with him for a 1vs1 hand-to-hand combat, Garen can do it quickly and usually doesn’t lose farm when he throws his skill (Q) and (E) in combination.

Champions counter Garen

Weak Against

Counter Irelia Counter Fizz
Counter Akali Counter Ekko
Counter Vladimir Counter Nidalee
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Nautilus
Counter Rek'Sai Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Kled Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips for playing against a Garen

But here I’ll show you how to stop the champion named Garen, to give his team the victory.

These champions below help to beat Garen easily, if we use them properly.


Darius has much more damage than Garen and is also tank and with Darius’s passive called “Hemorrhage” you can extend the time Garen lasts to start regenerating with his passive “Perseverance”. Of course, you will easily win Garen with Darius whenever and when not making the serious mistake of starting armandote “Trinity” with Darius, instead of tanquearte from a start. Maybe with “Dark Blade” you can do well, but the ideal would be to start with “Fire Layer” and all the additional tank items, since Darius, even if he doesn’t have damage items does a lot of damage anyway.


This champion easily makes a wave of minions and resists any attack from Garen, as this is tank and there is much more damage than Garen.


Kayle is another champion who farms fast and can resist the attacks of Garen special a ulti (R) de Garen. When farmea can very well be a champion who carries a very easy match because of the great damage that you have and the good protection against Garen’s ulti.


This little tram has good skills to beat Garen, since Kennen has a high movement speed and for Garen it is very hard to reach, so you can keep pockeandolo constantly, without receiving damage to the exchange.


With Ryze, you can clear the waves of minions quickly and you can keep pocking Garen constantly and at times when Garen wants to attack you have the ability to paralyze him.

Items that counter Garen

Since we already know that these items slow down the opponent, they are necessary against Garen. Garen is weak against slowness, as it considerably reduces the speed of “Q”.

“Leaf of the ruined king”, “Call of the executioner” and “Deadly Reminder” help to adc or champions body to body with attack speed.

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