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Counter Gnar

Counter Gnar

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Gnar. This League of Legends champion is very tiring as he can poke in his small form. Also in his Mega Gnar form he helps a lot in the team because he gives a lot of vigor, CC in the area and pockeo. But here I will give you some advice and recommend you some champions so you can face Gnar.

Champions counter Gnar

Weak Against

Counter Irelia Counter Fizz
Counter Akali Counter Ekko
Counter Vladimir Counter Nidalee
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Nautilus
Counter Rek'Sai Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Kled Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips for countering a Gnar

The following champions are the most recommended when facing Gnar.


due to their life restoration skills, range and CC help a lot against Gnar. Irelia has a big Q that can annoy Gnar when he is small to poke and leave him with little life. Also his ability And it helps a lot when he gets his transformation, since he gets more life and Irelia can put CC with that ability. And Irelia is that when her opponent has more life than she can stun.


This champion can poke Gnar and regenerate his life and avoid any CC skills that he will affect his W. Thanks to this ability of Vladimir, who is his W is of great help in diverting the R of Mega Gnar. Vladimir has to play passive and always save this skill for that moment.


Kennen has CC and that’s the distance. You can poke Gnar very easily. It is very recommended, since you can run Gnar with your skill And to prevent it from sticking to your R. Kennen also uses his ultimate quickly to be able to leave Gnar stuck when he throws his ultimate skill. It’s highly recommended to avoid all the skills you have Mega Gnar.


This champion has mobility and immunity skills. Also, that she has a great damage can finish Gnar very easy, since she takes advantage of the small Gnar to go to put it. If Mega Gnar tries to launch R a Fiora only this champion launches her W to avoid this definitive skill. Also Q of Fiora can help to avoid Mega Gnar’s skills.

Items that counter Gnar

The following items are required when dealing with Gnar.

Recuerdos de Senhor Dominik

This item helps increase the damage to champions who have more life than they have. This item is very good for when Gnar takes his transformation, since it takes a lot of life and can help to finish him easily.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness that buys what it has when it is activated. Thanks to this item you can escape the ultimate Mega Gnar very easily. It is very recommended if you killer or ADC, since they are the focus and if this Gnar catches you with this ability can kill you.


This item immunizes the one who has it for a few seconds when it is activated. If what you use is used quickly to the moment of the R of Mega Gnar can avoid this ability and survive it. It is highly recommended for the wizards of little life.

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