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Counter Graves

Counter Graves

In this guide you will be showing how to do counter Graves. This is a League of Legends champion that, like the other champions has its advantages and disadvantages. Graves is a champion who can count on the champions hand-to-hand very easy, since we know that the basics are very powerful, but when Graves has an obstacle ahead, as he can be a minion in the middle, he can’t attack his target, causing it to miss his basics.

Champions counter Graves

Weak Against

Counter Rammus Counter Urgot
Counter Mordekaiser Counter Kog'Maw
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Caitlyn
Strong Against

Counter Ezreal Counter Sona
Counter Ashe Counter Twitch
Counter Jinx Counter Jhin

Tips for countering a Graves

The following champions are the most recommended when facing Graves.

Master Yi

This is a champion who by taking much more damage than Graves can easily win 1v1 in the jungle.


Warwick has the power to clear the forest very quickly and he has CC, healing and a lot of damage to beat Graves easily which is a champion who can’t stand much to say.


This champion does counter Graves, since we know Caitlyn has a wide range of Graves damages, no. Graves is a long-distance champion, but it’s a hand-to-hand thing, so it’s a sign of a lot of weakness against the champion. Also Caitlyn’s skills as can be their traps, street very Graves, since if you step it can go very badly with this pokeo. If Graves on Caitlyn is just throw his skill And to get away from him and follow dañandolo.


Sivir can poke very easily Graves and get in a good position against him. He also has a great ability, which is his E, that can disappear the damage of R or Q of Graves of just pressing this ability in time. Sivir also has a great R that puts you in a very good position against Graves as his ultimate gives him the speed of movement in his allies and her so he can take or give good position against Graves.


Braum and his passive makes Graves a useless fighter, since Graves being of little reach is a nuisance for him to be silly or slowed down. He also has his R, which can remove Graves from his allies’ roles, just like his E which provides a shield that can disappear to Q, R or any basic of Graves.


Zed can move easily against Graves, as he has shadows that can poke or move to hit him, or dodge some Graves ability. The main thing is to poke Bass well with E,W and Q, so you can leave it lifeless, and then, already regenerated the energy launches R and again the combo to put an end. R Zed can help a lot to avoid the damage of ultimate Graves.

Items that counter Graves

The following objects have to be used to help face Graves.

the Veil of the Death Fairy

This item may disappear the first skill that touches what you have. This item can remove the damage from Q or R Graves, taking them the most advantage against it. This item is required for AP champions.

Filo de la Noche

Also this object can disappear the first skill that touches what it has. This item has to be channeled, before facing Bass, in order to activate and be able to hold Q or R Bass. It is necessary to use it AD champions.

Spine Share

This object damages champions who damage what they own. This item has to be used by tanks when they are destined to face the Graves. This item is very necessary, since if Graves hits what you have it can help a lot in the damage against Graves to assassinate you very easily.

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