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Counter Gwen

Counter Gwen

Gwen is a tank destroyer, so we are going to tell you how to face this champion and how to avoid her Q (and her true damage), we start this guide with the champions that counter her:

Champions counter Gwen

Weak Against

Counter Irelia Counter Tryndamere
Counter Olaf Counter Kled
Counter Sett Counter Renekton
Strong Against

Counter Yorick Counter Malphite
Counter Cho'Gath Counter Nasus
Counter Ornn Counter Urgot

Tips to counter Gwen

Her style is basic, she will use her Q to wear herself down and heal, if she hits you in the middle of her Q she will do real damage, so you will have to be careful with this ability. As she charges it up (it will come out below her life like Irelia’s passive), she will do more damage to you as she will slash more times.

Her W is like Xin Zhao’s R, so try not to choose champions that have skillshots to be able to do melee damage, otherwise she will repel all our damage.

His E can be used to escape or pounce on a champion, it is similar to Aatrox’s but with a little more range and provides him with attack speed, for each auto he does he will lower the CD of that same ability.

His ultimate will have 3 phases, the first will do less damage than the next two, and will be a rain of blades in a straight line in the shape of a cone. To launch all 3, he needs to intersperse auto attacks to be able to do it, so if we respect the distances or if he doesn’t have minions, he will only be able to cast the first R.

Having said all this, let’s move on to the champions and how to play them against Gwen.


Despite her stun being ranged, we can pounce on her so that if we enter the circle of her W we can stun her, plus our great mobility will make it difficult for her Q or any of her ultimates to hit us, so it is a very good champion against Gwen, since she is role and Irelia’s damage is very high.


With Olaf we will rely on being able to reach her with our Qs and heal with the W destroying her easily in seconds if she does not use her E correctly (her only escape route), so if you want to ensure a trade, the most important thing will be to see how she launches her E.


Both with our ultimate and with our E we will have very easy to reach Gwen, so it is a very good pick, also we will cut the heals she has with our Q so it will be perfect against her.

If we add the great damage we bring with the W and the little life she has, it will be a very easy line to play.


One of the best earlys in the toplane is Renekton and of course against Gwen will be great, ability to reach her with the E, a stun (W), life stealing with the Q and a lot of damage for the life she will have.


Thanks to Sett, you will be able to trade back with your W in the middle of one of his snips. By having a shield that can mitigate the damage and do damage right in the center, do true damage without problem and have no mobility.

Having scrum skills will render his W useless, making him a very good champion to play against.


In the first levels we must keep our distance since Gwen’s base damage is better than Jax’s. As the game progresses, specifically at level 6, we can wear her down or even kill her with almost a 100 0.

Items to counter Gwen

Now that we have seen Gwen’s counter champions, let’s move on to the items to counter her.


As she is a champion that needs to be practically in melee to give the Q is important to have it slowed, and the Rylai gives us exactly that, for every time we hit her with an ability.


If we see that we focus on all the fights and we can not dodge it in any way, it is important to get a Zhonyas to survive longer and that all the time and skills he has spent on you benefit your teammates.

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