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Counter Hecarim

Counter Hecarim

This champion called Hecarim is very good, since he has a great speed that can reach the target very easily. Hecarim is a unique champion in the jungle, since he can help your team quickly. Hecarim, just like all League of Legends champions has its disadvantages against other champions. Here I will give you some advice and recommend you some champions to be able to do the counter-Hecarim.

Champions counter Hecarim

Weak Against

Counter Sejuani Counter Trundle
Counter Nasus Counter Aatrox
Counter Olaf Counter Vi
Strong Against

Counter Soraka Counter Katarina
Counter Jhin Counter Illaoi
Counter Elise Counter Khazix

Tips for countering a Hecarim

The following champions are the most recommended when facing Hecarim. They have good skills that can help a lot in a match against him.


This champion has skills and a great CC that is excellent against Hecarim. Thanks to Sejuani’s CC she can stop Hecarim and prevent him from reaching the goal with ease. Also she has a great ability that is Q that can stop Hecarim as he runs towards his goal. If Hecarim can reach her goal she can throw her R to save the life of her ally.


This champion is very good against Hecarim, as he has a skill that helps a lot to stop. The skill that can help Nasus’ team a lot is his W Murchar. This skill can neutralize Hecarim for a long time, in order to slow down Hecarim’s increased speed of movement.


This champion is highly recommended against Hecarim, as she has very good skills against him. Fiora has mobility, great damage and an excellent ability that gives her immunity. The W of Fiora Estocada, helps her a lot, since if Hecarim hits with her skill AND Devastating Charge, Hecarim can be stunned with this skill if it is well thrown. A Hecarim gank to murder a Fiora is not a very good idea, since it can get away very easily.


This is the best support I recommend against a Hecarim. There is no other way that can give you better protection for your ADC against a Hecarim. Thresh can take Hecarim with his and if you hit the ADC with your R can take it with your Q. Thresh can also throw his lamp to lure his partner to a safe area to save him from the clutches of Hecarim.

Items that counter Hecarim

The following items are very necessary when facing Hecarim.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This object neutralizes enemy champions when hit by a skill. As we know, Hecarim has a good speed, but thanks to this item, this speed is reduced by 20% for 1 second as long as it is hit by a skill. It is recommended for AP champions.

Recuerdos de Senhor Dominik

This item helps you to beat harder champions with more life than you have. This item cannot be missing in the match against a Hecarim, since Hecarim is tank we can give thanks to this item, because we can kill it faster.

the Fleece of Banshee

This object can withstand the first ability you throw at it. Veil of the Death Fairy is highly recommended, since if Hecarim sticks his R or his E when this item is activated, you won’t be able to neutralize with these abilities thanks to this item.


Zhonyas immunizes what it has allowing it not to cast skills or magic while it is object is activated. If Zhonyas is activated at the precise moment, when Hecarim attacks with his R, this item can avoid being caught by this supreme ability of Hecarim.

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