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Counter Heimerdinger

Counter Heimerdinger

This guide will show you how to end the Heimerdinger. This League of Legends champion is quite annoying, as he has a great skill, which causes a lot of damage, which is his Q. He also has a big R which improves any skill of this one, to cause a lot more damage. But Heimerdinger too, as well as the other champions have their weak points and here I will show you what they are.

Champions counter Heimerdinger

Weak Against

Counter Syndra Counter Vel'Koz
Counter Karthus Counter Ziggs
Counter Azir Counter Nunu
Strong Against

Counter Lee Sin Counter Jax
Counter Shyvana Counter Kassadin
Counter Diana Counter Katarina

Tips to face Heimerdinger

The following champions are highly recommended to end the Heimerdinger.


Syndra has very good skills and the best of all is the distance. Syndra can poke the Heimerdinger with ease, since he has no mobility skills. He also has great skill that can save your team thanks to his skill, W. W of Syndra can take the improved Heimerdinger machine somewhere else so that this machine does no damage to the allied team.


Vel’koz can make Heimerdinger combo, since he can’t dodge the skills so easy because he has no mobility. Vel’koz pokea a Heimerdinger leaving him on the verge of death, without him getting near him. To end Heimerdinger too easy only launches Q, E, W and R, to assassinate him.


Azir also has an R that can take the improved Heimerdinger machine when you throw it to avoid this damage. Azir is highly recommended, as it can take a lot of advantage with its great damage and ease of pelearle.

Master Yi

Master Yi enters his ultimate to increase the speed of attack and movement. When it’s already activated, R Yi can enter by giving Heimerdinger basics and watching Heimerdinger throw his E to stun to pull his Q to dodge. Also the Q of Yi helps a lot to avoid the Heimerdinger machines passive that is a long range radius.

Items that counter Heimerdinger

The following items have to be used in the match against Heimerdinger.

Fauces Malmortius

This item absorbs magical damage when what it has is below 30% of life. This item is highly recommended for body to body AD or ADC champions, to resist more damage to Heimerdinger.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness that buys what it has. Thanks to this item you can get out of Heimerdinger’s clutches when you’re arrested for your Elétrons Storm Grenade ability. This ability can stun the area of those who are hit by it.


This object immunizes the champion who possesses it by not allowing him to cast spells or abilities while it is activated. This object can withstand damaging branches of improved Heimerdinger rockets. Zhonyas must be saved for that moment or for when caught by any other of this skill.

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