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Counter Illaoi

Counter Illaoi

The guide will show you how to do it against Illaoi. As we know, Illaoi is a very powerful champion, since she has a powerful damage that destroys the bones of the enemies she faces. Illaoi just like other champions has its weak point and here I will show you what to do and which champions to use to give him that point.

Champions counter Illaoi

Weak Against

Counter Quinn Counter Swain
Counter Lulu Counter Kennen
Counter Tahm Kench Counter Hecarim
Strong Against

Counter Camille Counter Ornn
Counter Galio Counter Maokai
Counter Katarina Counter Ahri

Tips to counter Illaoi

These champions have very good skills against the champion named Illaoi. Very highly recommended.


This little one has good skills against Illaoi, since in his normal form, he can annoy Illaoi with his pokeo. Gnar is one of the most recommended champions, as he also has a quick jump ability to get out of Illaoi’s utimate. In the “Mega Gnar” form, he uses R to get Illaoi off the field of his R, to make Illaoi waste time, when activating his (R) Faith jump.


This other little one is a nightmare for Illaoi. Kennen, being the distance and having CC in his abilities Illaoi will never be able to reach him. The little electric poke to Illaoi, so as not to let her farmear and thus take much advantage in his line. It is also good for when the jungle ally will give a gank, since his supreme ability and skills like Q,W and and neutralize Illaoi and thus rescue him from death very easily.


As we know, Vayne is a champion tank killer. Vayne also possesses a great ability, which takes Illaoi out of her field of R, which is her (E) Condemnation. Vayne can be played online against Illaoi, since she has mobility and is the distance. (I recommend her to finish Illaoi quickly; if you play with this champion is to be careful and use the skills when it is appropriate to use it)


This champion can save the bones of an ally with just using a quick R. Bardo is very tiring, as he avoids an exclusion from any combo with his powerful (R) Tranquil Destiny. Bardo waits or deduces that Illaoi would use utimate and this launches his R only in the field area of Illaoi’s utimate, so he can stop that R and take his allies to that terrible situation.

Items that counter Illaoi

The following items are the most recommended when facing an Illaoi.


This item has to be used at the time of Illaoi’s (R) Leap of Faith. As we know, Zhonyas turns the champion who owns it into gold causing it to be protected from any damage that is released. (Don’t waste Zhonyas if it’s not necessary, it has to be used at the time Illaoi implants his R)

Banshee fleece

As we know Illaoi launches his first (E) Spirit Test and then his ultimate for when he glues his tentacles to do more damage and obtain regeneration of life. This item will make Illaoi unable to glue his E, because it prevents this ability from penetrating what he possesses. (It is highly recommended if you are with a body-to-body AP champion)

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