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Counter Ivern

Counter Ivern

This champion is very good, as he guarantees excellent protection for his team and ease of attack to kill the target. Ivern is not a champion to cause much damage, but to protect his allies and solve the enemies so that the allies asesinen. Ivern can make an excellent combination with champions support protection, but like all champions of League of Legends, Ivern has its weak point and here I will show you.

Champions counter Ivern

Weak Against

Counter Rengar Counter Kha'Zix
Counter Lee Sin Counter Ahri
Counter Aatrox Counter Alistar
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Tahm Kench Counter Caitlyn
Counter Nasus Counter Jax

Tips to face Ivern

The following champions have to be used to face Ivern and put an end to it.


This champion makes a great counter to Ivern, since he has a lot of mobility with Ivern’s W ability. The W of Ivern is that it gives a small bush that can activate Rengar’s passive causing that Rengar has more chance to move to reach his goal. Also Rengar can annoy him in the jungle, to take much advantage.


This champion is something like Rengar, since if he evolves his R can win Vacuum Attack. When Kha’zix evolves this skill each time he’s not in combat and enters a bush like W of Ivern he can become invisible inside. This is a very ugly advantage against Westerns, as Kha’zix can’t use 2 times R but several times more.

Lee Sin

This champion can tediously tediously wildlife in the jungle by stealing his goals with ease. Read Sem can also detect with his Q some enemies there inside the W of Ivern. What I recommend doing with Lee Sin is camping the jungle of Ivern and chasing him wherever he goes. This strategy will greatly help to take advantage of Ivern so they don’t give up on the match.


In case Ivern is not jungle, is the support is recommended Alistar. This champion makes you a great counter to Ivern, since Ready can take the ultimate of Ivern so they do not bother. Also Ready has CC that can take Ivern to assassinate him with ease. Ready for being a powerful tank will be very difficult Ivern to face it, since it does not have much power.

Itens that counter Ivern

The following items have to be used when facing winter.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness that gets what you have when it is activated. Fajin of Mercury can take you out of CC of R of Ivern. If Ivern gets caught with this ability it is very likely that the enemy team will finish you off.


This item immunizes by allowing when activated it cannot move, to throw skills or spells that possess it. This item can help a lot when R Ivern “Daysi” gets the 3 punches and throws its fourth blow to stun. It must be used at the moment to avoid this skill.

Night Ridge

This object when channeled can disappear the first ability that touches it. In case it diverts Q from Ivern to R to it “Daysi” cannot stun the champion you have when “Daysi” goes to your fourth blow.

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