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Counter Jarvan IV

Counter Jarvan IV

In this guide you will be showing how to counter it Jarvan IV. This is a League of Legends champion who is very good against champions without mobility. If you play a champion without mobility against this one, it is very likely that you can go very badly against him. But here I will show you how to face Jarvan IV, giving him some tips and recommending champions to him.

Champions counter Jarvan IV

Weak Against

Counter Vayne Counter Yorick
Counter Lee Sin Counter Shen
Counter Trundle Counter Malphite
Strong Against

Counter Kayle Counter Jayce
Counter Olaf Counter Syndra
Counter Ryze Counter Vladimir

Tips to face Jarvan IV

The following champions that I will show you next are the most recommended to face Jarvan IV. The ones I recommend are for any line you make, so you don’t have any problems.

Lee Sin

Read Sem can save your allies from Jarvan IV’s R. He only uses his Q ability to get into Jarvan IV’s ultimate and get him out with his R and out again with his W. Lee Sin can also tediously thwart Jarvan IV’s jungle goals, as his abilities make it easier for him to steal these goals.


Shen can go down with his R the line where Jarvan IV is performing a gank or beat his R the ally that Jarvan IV will be trapped anywhere. Shen also gets out of Jarvan IV’s clutches, with just pressing a single skill that is his E ability.


Ahri can stop Jarvan IV with a single skill when he tries to approach with his Q-E which is his fabulous skill E. Ahri can also get out of Jarvan IV’s clutches with his R and hit a good position thanks to his skills with the scale.


Vayne has very good skills against him, and much more I recommend Vayne, because it’s a tank thicket. Vayne can deflect the Q-E from Jarvan IV with just using a good Q. If Jarvan IV gets Vayne he is just using his R and Q to avoid the damage by taking advantage of his invisibility and can glue him from his own R with his E.


Thresh is a champion who possesses very good skills against Jarvan IV, as his Q or E can stop Jarvan IV when you use your Q-E. Thresh also has a skill that saves any ally from Jarvan IV’s ultimate, which is his lamp.

Items that counter Jarvan IV

The following items should be used when facing Jarvan IV.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item (Object) prevents the first skill that touches what you have. If Jarvan IV tries to cross it with his Q-E, he can’t pierce that CC, since thanks to this item he won’t be able to give it to you with that skill. You can also take the damage from the R of Jarvan IV.

Night Ridge

This object when channeled can avoid the first skill that sticks. This item can also avoid the Q-E DC of Jarvan IV. This item has to be channeled before fighting Jarvan IV to avoid its spells.

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