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Counter Jax

Counter Jax

This guide will teach you which champions to count against and some advice on how to fight against it. Jax is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends, as he is one of those who has a lot of damage that can disappear to any role very easy. But here, I’ll teach you how to take him down.

Champions counter Jax

Weak Against

Counter Dr. Mundo Counter Singed
Counter Ryze Counter Heimerdinger
Counter Zac Counter Malphite
Strong Against

Counter Master Yi Counter Xin Zhao
Counter Vi Counter Diana
Counter Urgot Counter Rengar

Tips for playing against Jax

The peasants who are considered the most useful when it comes to facing a Dragon. These champions thanks to their skills that will help you to have resistance on the line and thus be able to take advantage for Him, to put an end to the Dragon.


Singed only concentrates on pharming with his poison and causing him damage with this skill when he comes across an attack. This champion can also take from the clutches of Dragon to any champion allied with his skill E.


Heimerdinger surrounds his attack tool area, if He enters that area to cause damage to Heimerdinger he enters his own grave. Heimerdinger and a big “Zhonyas” disappears Jax letting his beautiful machines do the work for him.


Ryze is very good against Him, since he has good skills like his W. This champion has a great pokeo and does it with a great ease, which a Dragon can not against. Ryze is very recommended, since he is one of the champions that takes him a lot of advantage in farm for a Jax and that is a very good point to finish him.


Nami can help turn a game of a stinking Jax if it’s very good used. Nami has good skills and protection that make when He falls to his ability as is Q or R, the allies can end this very easy. This excellent champion!! when He is jungle that the Jax ganks will not be sure.

Items that counter Jax

The following items have to be used in the match against Jax.

Heart of Ice

This item, reducing Jax’s attack speed, when it can be near this one. This item can be used by Nami, so he can decrease that attack speed and have time to help his allies of the Dragon claws.

Lord Dominik’s retreats

This item helps what is R for Jax. As we know the R Jax increases the strength and armor of the east, having this item you can pass this increased armor very easily. This item is good against Him, as it hits harder for those who have more life.

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