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Counter Jayce

Counter Jayce

This guide will teach you how to counter Jayce. As we already know Jayce is a champion of good damage and a good poke, giving him a good stamina on the line, but here I will show you some advice, which champions to use and other things more to win with this champion called Jayce.

Champions counter Jayce

Weak Against

Counter Yorick Counter Jarvan IV
Counter Wukong Counter Ekko
Counter Xin Zhao Counter Shaco
Strong Against

Counter Singed Counter Azir
Counter Gangplank Counter Volibear
Counter Garen Counter Trundle

Tips for countering a Jayce


Yorick is a very sturdy champion of the line, making his opponent using Jayce feel that he is weak against Yorick. As we already know Yorick’s (Q) “extreme unction” ability, he assaults his opponent and heals on impact, making it help to resist Yorick in Jayce’s hammer shape. I recommend it.


She’s also a champion with a lot of resistance against a Jayce. The stamina that Fiora has against a Jayce, is not in her life or armor, but in her abilities. Fiora has skills that neutralize Jayce’s skills as her grumpy (W) “stocked”. This skill breaks any skill that throws Jayce, leaving him to do no harm to Fiora.


This champion is something mixed of Fiora and Yorick; since we know that Poppy is of tank nature, giving advantage to resist the line against a Jayce. Poppy has a good skill that goes against a Jayce skill when he’s in the shape of a hammer. Since we know that Jayce’s skill (Q) to the Heavens drives Jayce into the air, causing damage to his opponent. The skill that contradicts (Q), Jayce is his famous (W) Unalterable Presence.


This can cause the death of a Jayce quickly, as his combo is quite aggressive against any champion. Wukong, when you get close to your opponent you do it quickly, causing great damage, and activating your past to give yourself time to make another combo.

Itens counter de Jayce

The best items against Jayce, are those that possess armor, delay or prevent any damage to Jayce’s ability. The most famous items that counterean Jayce are:


This item helps you to be immune, or dodge skills if it is activated quickly. This may make Jayce unable to make a good combo when it is activated. Since we know Jayce is a champion who does fast combos to delete. This item can save you from that combo, but it’s recommended for mages.

Rylai’s crystal scepter

This other item may make Jayce late in arriving. Since we know this item slows down, it’ll help give Jayce the advantage to change weapons. Since when Jayce changes weapons, he gains speed to get where his opponent is, but with this item it will not be easy for him.

Spells recommended against Jayce

The most recommended is a Flash, to avoid if you have a champion without mobility and also a barrier if you are a champion at a distance.

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