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Counter Jhin

Counter Jhin

This guide will show you how to do it against Jhin. This champion has a very powerful damage, since his last charge is a great critical damage. He also has long distance skills, and when you run out of bullets he gains speed of movement than on the street a lot. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider some champions to put an end to the Jhin.

Champions counter Jhin

Weak Against

Counter Varus Counter Braum
Counter Kayn Counter Shaco
Counter LeBlanc Counter Wukong
Strong Against

Counter Galio Counter Nunu
Counter Orianna Counter Annie
Counter Tryndamere Counter Ashe

Tips to face Jhin

The following champions are the most recommended against Jhin, as they have good skills that they can put very easily.


Nocturne is a champion who can catch Jhin very easily, since Jhin has no mobility. This champion only takes his Q and can gain speed within the shadow that leaves Jhin. The R of Nocturne helps a lot against the R of Jhin, as it erases everything leaving Jhin without sight to glue his R.


Riven has mobility, which can reach Jhin very easily and murder him, thanks to his great damage. Riven has CC in her W ability that helps the team ally or she can do it herself, without him being able to do anything. Also W can cancel R to him.


The Talon can get down without any problems and very quickly to the line where this Jhin to assassinate him, since he can cross walls. This is very good against the ADC, since their skills and damage can give them a delete. The Talon is highly recommended, as its R also helps a lot because it has invisibility in it and mobility to reach it is very easy and fast.


As we know, Jhin awaits his last cargo to poke, but Varus cannot. Varus has large-scale skills that can poke Jhin very easily without this touch. Varus’s R also helps a lot to start a fight, helping to catch Jhin and harness that skill to assassinate him.


Braum possesses a great ability, which is his E, that besides protecting his ally, the Jhin critic, you can eat the 4 loads of R Jhin. It also has a great passive and R that can neutralize Jhin, helping it to catch and kill him.


With Brook (you can cancel R to Jhin, making him spend his R without being able to do anything, you can use the Q if you are within walking distance of him or use the ulti of the past if Jhin is ulteando from far away. Without a doubt, Shanks is one of the best counter Jhin.

Items that counter Jhin

The following items have to be used against Jhin in order to put an end to it.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object can be taken from a CC where the one that holds it is found, when it is activated. As we know, Jhin’s E ability can pick up whatever is touched when your ally or him, makes it stick to any champion.


ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. This item can help to avoid R Jhin. As we know the R Jhin is to shoot powerful bullets, but thanks to this object you can avoid the bullet that surrounds you when you use Zhonyas at the precise moment.

Night Ridge

This item when channeled provides a shield that prevents the first ability to touch it. If this item is channeled while Jhin shoots his R, he can avoid the damage of this skill. To channel this item you have to avoid being hit by Jhin while doing so.

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