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Counter Jinx

Counter Jinx

Here I’ll be showing you how to counter her Jinx. This is one of the most used champions in League of Legends, since it has very good skills. Jinx is an excellent champion, since he can increase the range with his Q with rockets and distance skills like his W and R. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider some champions to put an end to Jinx.

Champions counter Jinx

Weak Against

Counter Kai'Sa Counter Master Yi
Counter Katarina Counter Shaco
Counter Thresh Counter Teemo
Strong Against

Counter Evelynn Counter Kog'Maw
Counter Poppy Counter Fiora
Counter Garen Counter Zilean

Tips to face Jinx

The following champions are the most recommended, as they have skills that help a lot in the match against Jinx.


Rammus but it is jungle, it is very good to catch Jinx, since it has skills that can help ensure the match against it. If Jinx is arrested by Q or E of Rammus, he can be considered dead in the match, since the team will be easy to kill her.


Malphite can save the game from the TOP line, as it has a lot of vigour, a lot of damage and skills that can help a lot in the match so Jinx can’t do anything. If Jinx goes out with his on the line, he can go and make house to end.


Diana can even delete Jinx very easily. Diana can pick up the Jinx in any carelessness, so that her partner team or herself age. I recommend Diana to champion the Jinx so that she can not take advantage in the match and thus prevent Jinx to leave with his.


Ezreal can poke Jinx from a great distance, without her being able to do anything in return. Also Ezreal can avoid Jinx’s R, and W skills very easily with his E. If you’re going to use Ezreal don’t start with an E. Remember that if Jinx catches you he can asesinarte with his allied team, better save that skill to give him the last blow, or dodge such skills.


this champion I recommend as support. Morgana has very good skills against Jinx, as she has a great skill, which is her E that can be used in her or in an ally with full damage so that you can go on without stopping, as it removes any weakness like the W of Jinx. Morgana also sticks a good Q to Jinx so that the allied team will kill her with ease.

Items that counter Jinx

The following items help a lot in the match against Jinx.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This object disappears the first skill it possesses. If Jinx uses its skill W, E and R, this item can withstand these skills, it is more recommended not to be arrested by E to get it without problems.

Night Ridge

This item can avoid the first skill that touches what you have when you are channelled. If you are going to face Jinx first channel the item so that it gets from a shield and thus avoid the first skill of Jinx as it is your E.

Spine Share

Here I have the item for the tanks, since this object damages the champions when they reach what they have. As Jinx is the distance and shoot with his machine gun, and this object can do a lot of damage to it.

Presagio de Randuin

This item helps a lot to reduce the attack speed of the one who has it by 5%. It also decreases the speed of movement by one -55% when it is activated and are within range of this item.

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