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Counter Kai'sa

Counter Kai’sa

This guide will explain how to counter her Kai’Sa easily. Without a doubt, this ADC is quite strong because of its excellent combination of skills that make it a champion with many possibilities to make good moves, feed and carry.

Kaisa Counter

Nevertheless, doing the counter-a Kai’Sa is relatively easy, and here we explain how.

Champions counter Kai Sa

Weak Against

Counter Lucian Counter Caitlyn
Counter Teemo Counter Vayne
Counter Ahri Counter Anivia
Strong Against

Counter Jinx Counter Zoe
Counter Rengar Counter Sona
Counter Akali Counter Zed

Tips to face Kai’Sa


With Caitlyn you can keep the scale of Kai’Sa and besides you have the possibility of pokearla constantly, you also have the traps of Caitlyn that make it very difficult for Kai’Sa to move, besides that Kai’Sa can be revealed if you step on one of the traps of Caitlyn.


Jhin is one of the few champions against whom Kai’sa makes it very difficult to beat him 1v1. Jhin can also use the flowers so that Kai’sa can be revealed in the wings of becoming invisible.


With Ezreal you can keep him away from her and poke her constantly, when he is worn out enough to face her directly and beat her. Also, Ezreal with his leap is very easy to dodge W a Kai’sa. This ADC combined with a champion like Janna or Soraka has a lot of chances to win.


you can get a good CC Leona, with a, E, Q and then the ulti if you have it, and all that’s left is for your allied ADC to give you the final blows and goodbye Kai’sa.

Items that counter Kai’sa

Calling the executor

With this item you can halve your healing by causing serious injuries.


The same as with the previous item, receiving damage from Kai’s causes him serious injury and magical damage.

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