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Counter Kalista

Counter Kalista

Nesta guia você estarei mostrando como fazer counter para Kalista. Esta campeã é muito boa, já que pode se mover muito para evitar que a golpen. Kalista é muito boa contra os campeões sem mobilidade e pode fazer com que os objetivos da selva muito fácil por sua habilidade E. Mas aqui vou mostrar como colocar um fim a Kalista, dando-lhe algumas dicas e enseñándote alguns campeões que são muito bons contra ela.

Champions counter Kalista

Weak Against

Counter LeBlanc Counter Quinn
Counter Cassiopeia Counter Taliyah
Counter Draven Counter Lucian
Strong Against

Counter Rek'Sai Counter Xerath
Counter Vel'Koz Counter Brand
Counter Thresh Counter Lux

Tips for countering a Kalista

The following champions are the most recommended to put an end to the Kalista.

Maestro Yi

This is the jungle most recommended against Kalista. Master Yi can reach the Kalista very easily and avoid his R with his Q. If you are going to use Yi is to enter by giving basics and save Q to dodge. Yi can hold on and Kalista with just throwing your W in time. Kalista is very weak and the great damage, attack speed and movement that has Yi is too much for her.


This champion although she is TOP of line is very necessary to face Kalista. Poppy has a very good ability against Kalista who is her W. If Kalista tries to jump inside Poppy’s W she will be compromised giving Poppy the opportunity to involve her with her Q. Poppy can also neutralize a Kalista with his Q to slow him down and have a better chance of catching her. Poppy’s R helps a lot to get the Kalista out when she wants to kill a partner or herself with her E.


How do we know Kalista is weaker when she’s poisoned? Cassiopeia also has very good skills against Kalista as is his W. W of Cassiopeia prevents Kalista from using his mobility as his passive. Also Cassiopeia’s R can help a lot to get Kalista and kill her.


This is the most recommended ADC when it comes to facing Kalista. Quinn can reach Kalista with his big R and kill her very easily in a 1vs1. Quinn can deflect the R of Kalista if you use a good E. And Quinn pushes her back, thanks to which, when Kalista’s ally with the R comes along, you can dodge the E very well.


Here I have the most recommended support for the time to end with Kalista. Leona if she takes Kalista can look for the end to her. Although Leoa becomes difficult to catch Kalista with her E or R it is better to enter with a flash and Q. When a Lioness catches a Kalista with Q you will have the opportunity to combo with her R and if a Kalista moves away you can hit it E, because it will make it easier for a Lioness to catch a Kalista with her E because she will be neutralised and not chase after.

Items that counter Kalista

The following items are highly recommended when facing a Kalista.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This object can withstand the first skill that touches what it has. The veil can resist the R or E of Kalista. It is most recommended to withstand the R of Kalista, as if it is attached to your allies you may die. It is recommended for AP champions

Filo de la Noche

This is another item that helps a lot in holding the first skill that touches what you have. It can hold the first skill that touches what it has, like the R or E of Kalista. This item must first be channelled to activate the shield and is recommended for AD champions.


This item hits a number of champions who hit what you have. kalista being a distance damage champion and good attack speed, this item can greatly help to give you more damage to Kalista while it hits.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This item, decreases the speed of movement when hit by a spell that has it. This item greatly helps to neutralise Kalista’s feet, so that his jumps are not so fast and thus give him the opportunity to catch it.

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