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Counter Karma

Counter Karma

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Karma. This League of Legends champion is one of the strongest champions in this game, as he has very good skills against the other champions. Karma can enhance any skill you have, so you can improve that skill. When Karma activates your R and this AP ful has to be careful, since if a paper champion is touched by R-Q it can get very damaged.

Champions counter Karma

Weak Against

Counter Veigar Counter Kennen
Counter Swain Counter Talon
Counter Malzahar Counter Cho'Gath
Strong Against

Counter Taric Counter Thresh
Counter Rakan Counter Zilean
Counter Vi Counter Fizz

Tips to face Karma

The following champions I will recommend to you are the most needed to face Karma.


Amumu is the most necessary in the game to help the ally you are facing against Karma. Thanks to the CC that the champion can reach, the Karma or her allies very easy, since your Q and R have a good CC and good track. Amumu, which is a tank, Karma will be more difficult to stick a skill to Amumu’s ally, as he can withstand this skill by covering the launch area.


Kennen is a champion who can poke Karma and get out of her W very easily with his E. He can also catch her from a long way away, since her passive is very moody. Also Kennen has a great damage that can finish Karma very easy and so make her not do something in the game with her skills.


This champion, but he’s very passive is very powerful. Veigar only uses his farm so that his Q of AP improvements, doing with it that Karma cannot protect itself against him. Also Karma needs to get close in order to attack, but Veigar with his E doesn’t allow the passage, since he stops her and may even kill her if she tries that. Veigar’s E ability can save him, himself or an ally of W of Karma.


This champion can poke Karma from far away and avoid skills that Karma will play. Sivir is the ADC that I most recommend against Karma, since she has a very good skill like E. And Sivir can disappear the R-Q of Karma when it is released, causing that this damage does not touch her or an ally.


This is the most recommended support, since it has very good skills against Karma. Nami can stop Karma with her Q when she tries to connect with her W against an ally from the past. Also, which is similar to her Q or R can avoid this bond, she can also neutralize Karma’s speed of movement when she gets her (E) Tide Blessing.

Items that counter Karma

The following items have to be used against Karma, in order to end it.

Fauces of Malmortius

This object provides a shield that absorbs magical damage when what it possesses reaches -30% of its life. If Karma sticks your R-Q in it item can absorb that damage and save you from death. It has to be used by AD champions.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item removes any weakness you are in, what you have when it is activated. Fajin of Mercury could be W of Karma if it is unfortunately arrested. I recommend to the ADC.

Executioner’s call

This item helps to decrease the healing of all enemy champions when they are hit. When your R-W karma power this object can decrease the healing it receives when it is planting this link. I recommend AD champions.


This object provides serious injury when the enemy champion is shot under 35% of his life. If Karma tries to connect with his R-W while he is under 35% of his life, he will not be able to heal himself and 100% thanks to this item. I recommend AP champions.

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