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Counter Karthus

Counter Karthus

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Karthus. This League of Legends champion, is very good against body to body champions or without mobility. The skills of this champion are in areas and his ultimate multiple automatic selection, which if these very short of life would be his end. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions, to be able to win Karthus quite easy.

Champions counter Karthus

Weak Against

Counter Kassadin Counter Fizz
Counter Katarina Counter Talon
Counter Master Yi Counter Soraka
Strong Against

Counter Heimerdinger Counter Teemo
Counter Quinn Counter Shen
Counter Kindred Counter Lucian

Tips to face Karthus

The following champions are the most recommended, so you can face Karthus without any problems.


This champion is the jungle I most recommend against Karthus, as his skills are very good against him. Maokai’s skill E allows him to confuse a goal, allowing him, when he tries to confuse, to be immune while transporting himself. Maokai’s skill E can prevent damage to Karthus’ supreme skill, and his skill Q can cancel it out if it’s near.


This champion I recommend TOP to face Karthus and take advantage of it. The Fiora Q ability helps a lot to avoid Karthus skills, since with this skill she can move around. She also has an excellent skill that can avoid the ultimate skill of Karthus which is her W.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate can strike from a good distance without receiving damage from him. Besides being able to damage Karthus from a good distance, it also has a definite great ability. The ultimate skill and the W skill with the yellow card, can prevent Karthus from throwing his ultimate.


This passive allows you to increase Sivir’s speed of movement with each attack, thus making Karthus not hit his Q ability with ease. Also the skill E Sivir, you can avoid Karthus’ supreme skill quite easily.


Soraka’s supreme ability can be released before the end of Karthus falls, since if you release this ability too late, it will not save the lives of his allies.

Items that counter Karthus

The following objects have to be used against Karthus to maintain a confrontation with him.


This is the most recommended object against Karthus, since it can save the lives of those who possess it, when it is activated. If you activate this item, you may be immune for a moment, to receive the ultimate skill damage from it.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object can grant a shield that absorbs 300+1 of magical damage, when what it has, reaches -30 of life. Karthus’ supreme ability is released from anywhere, allowing much damage to his enemies.

Night Ridge

This object, grants a shield that absorbs the first ability that touches it, but is activated out of combat. I recommend this item, as Karthus can do a lot of damage with his ultimate and easy asesinarte. Channel this item when your ultimate is released.

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